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Ken Rieli :
WorldKar Corporation kit plans sign up program.


Ken Rieli :
WorldKar Corporation ( is now signing up democratic industrialists as the company pushes ahead on prototype builds that will undergo trail tests this year.

WorldKar is a global event. Built on HOT new powertrain technologies, and a decentralized manufacturing strategy, this new “Personal Space Pod” is being prototyped for trail tests in Michigan’s upper peninsula this year.

Like the vehicle itself, the WorldKar Coalition is space-aged & streamlined for maximum efficiency in the emerging democratic economy.

We supply plans for individuals to assemble our space-age products from parts. Small-to-medium enterprises grow their own assembly businesses. Suppliers pay a small fee & are featured on WorldKar´s website & supplier network.
We also partner with larger manufacturing companies through consulting & licensing.

Suppliers, garage-level fabricators and assembler/dealers may now sign up to be first to receive WorldKar plans when they become available -

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