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Autologic And ALLDATA Europe To Provide Diagnostic And Repair Data For Major Vehicle Brands In Europe


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Autologic Diagnostics today announced that it is now partnering with the leading repair information specialist, ALLDATA Europe, which gives Autologic’s existing European customers access to ALLDATA’s resources, and therefore the ability to maintain and repair vehicles according to manufacturers’ standards.

By working together, both ALLDATA and Autologic can now provide information that vehicle manufacturers usually release exclusively to their Agents/Dealers. Autologic offers diagnostic tools with unique levels of diagnostic depth, similar in capability to those used by Dealers of premium European cars. ALLDATA provides the same high level of OEM information that dealer networks rely on to service and repair their brands.

"Today’s vehicles are highly complex with systems varying greatly from vehicle to vehicle,” said ALLDATA President Jeff Lagges. “Manufacturers’ procedures, diagrams and service bulletins are essential to the safe and proper repair of most cars on the road. Together, we can help shops both large and small to efficiently diagnose the most difficult problems.”

Complete diagnostic and repair information for all vehicle makes and models had never previously been available to independent repair shops in a single format, and it was equally true that shops had to access multiple sources at high costs.

“ALLDATA and Autologic will roll-out a unique, advanced repair solution for shops throughout Europe,” said Lagges. “With the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair cars, workshops will see increases in efficiency, cost-effectiveness and accuracy.”

With this agreement, ALLDATA, the industry leader in the US, expands its customer base throughout Europe. At the same time, Autologic gains the ability to provide access to a suite of diagnostic tools, professional training and high quality information.

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