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Steve Bartok :
Relax, and stop re-inventing the wheel, it´s a fool´s errand - we all need a good laugh - the more, the better.


Steve Bartok :
Just like the carriage industry in the horse era, automobiles are a status symbol, whether they drive a Prius, a Humvee, a Ferrari or an old beat-up Ford. They are a fashion accessory, personal statement, ego projection and much more, all before transportation.

Nokia ran around the public phone system - dismal in much of Europe with months or years´ waiting to get a line in your home and offices, prior to cell phones. Like automobiles running around streetcars and trains everyone praises but no one uses except in desperation.

Relax, and stop re-inventing the wheel. It´s a fool´s errand. The only good new thing I see is automated movers with A/V hookups to mom and/or dad, to take kids to school, grandma to the doctor, make carpools practical and safe.

In ten years it could be here.

But don´t stop the humour, even if it makes you look ignorant of history, psychology or just plain blind. We all need a good laugh - the more, the better.

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