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Karen Johnson :
Detroit Radiator Corporation Helps to Promote Good Health as an official sponsor of Truck Drivers

New Partnership is an Effort to Promote Better Health & Reduce Health Risks of Truck Drivers.


Karen Johnson :
Romulus, Michigan (Jan 12, 2015) -- Detroit Radiator Corporation is excited to announce it is starting off the new year right with a healthy bang, as an official sponsor of Truck Drivers

As a sponsor, Detroit Radiator Corporation will help the Truck Drivers campaign travel the country promoting good health and exercise to drivers, while also demonstrating the correlation between an unhealthy and healthy truck driver with an unhealthy and healthy truck.

For the first time ever, Truck Drivers will display an old 1995 custom built Western Star show truck to represent a well-experienced truck driver who is unhealthy and out of shape after 20 years on the road. After the entire truck is rebuilt and revealed by Truck Drivers and its sponsors, it will represent a repaired and healthy truck driver. Interesting health maintence tips and plans for both truckers and trucks will be shared to all that will listen and read along the way.

The campaign will begin at Mid American Truck Show (MATS 2015) on March 26-28, 2015 and end at MATS 2017. The truck will travel to approximately 60 other industry truck shows and over 350 truck and fleet related companies, and more, over the course of the two-year campaign. It will also be featured on the George & Wendy Show (a truck driver reality show where Wendy Parker rides with her husband, George Parker, an owner-operator and Wendy chronicles their adventures and observations from the shotgun position in her blog, website, and in a column for OverDrive Magazine).

“Through our investment and involvement in Truck Drivers, we are helping to ensure that broader audiences of truck drivers receive the best education and tools available to live a healthier, longer and more productive life,” said Randy Pruitt, CEO, Detroit Radiator Corporation. “We are a company that strives to give back to the trucking industry”, added Pruitt.
Truck Drivers states on its website that in 2010 over the road (OTR) drivers with failing health concerns began a sharp up-hill climb and in just four years, subjecting two out of three drivers from passing their 2014 DOT exam. Heart problems, diabetes and sleep disorders are among these health concerns.

“The Truck Drivers campaign is proud to feature Detroit Radiator Corporation’s Radiator, POWERMAX Charge Air Cooler, and AC Condenser in its campaign, as well as Detroit Radiator Corporation advice and informational flyers. These items will display some of the truck products necessary to create a healthy truck at any age,” said Barry Pawelek Sr., Founder & CEO, Truck Drivers “Our organizational team wants this campaign to only feature what we believe are the finest products in the industry,” added Pawelek.

About Detroit Radiator Corporation:
Headquartered in Romulus, Michigan, Detroit Radiator Corporation is a premier manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket cooling product solutions serving the HD transportation, commercial, industrial, and agricultural industries. As the most recognized and trusted brand in its market, Detroit Radiator Corporation offers the widest variety of aftermarket HD radiators, charge air coolers and A/C condensers, provides manufacturing excellence, utilizes top safety standards, and delivers almost every product that it sells within 24 hours.
Refusing to limit its customer offerings to only manufacturing OEM-specified radiators, Detroit Radiator Corporation, established in 1936, pioneered the manufacturing of all comprehensive aftermarket cooling product solutions.

Recent Detroit Radiator Corporation awards include: NARSA – The International Heat Transfer Association Support of Communications and Education Programs (2014), Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2011) and Crain’s Detroit Business Salute to Entrepreneurs (2011). Learn how to receive the Detroit Radiator Corporation Difference at

About Truck Drivers
Truck Drivers was formed in 2013 and is headquartered in Hinton, Oklahoma. Its sister organizations, Truck Stop Events International & Walk A Mile have been providing a large variety of innovative health and wellness programs to the transportation industry for over 20 years. This group of organizations is the trucking industry’s only nonprofit health and wellness foundation with a non-paid staff. One hundred percent of all donated products and funding are used for the distribution of health information to OTR drivers and their families. For more information on Truck Drivers and/or this campaign, visit, or contact Barry Pawelek Sr. at 405-542-6857 or

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