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Internet plays a big role in our lives these days. As more and more people started using Smartphone and other gadgets, it has become easier to access the internet. Now, you don’t need to be at your office or home or an internet café to connect to the virtual world. As such, it is a common sight to see people browsing the net on their mobiles and tabs. Information is available at a click of the mouse or a touch on the screen. For most, internet has become the easiest and fastest information provider.

The existence of websites imparting information on your favourite topic is a boon for many. Car lovers, especially youth are known to follow the trends and news in the field by subscribing to the updates provided by the various websites specializing on the topic. They often spend hours browsing through these sites to know every details of their favorite car or their dream car.

Hence, it is necessary for such websites to be informative, easily navigable, clutter-free and appealing. Although most sites available on the internet are informative and attractively packaged, when it comes to easy navigation and clutter-free pages, many of them are disappointing. However, not all hope is lost as there is one site, which meets almost all these parameters. Visit and you will be bowled over by the simplicity of schemes. There are no screaming tags, no pop-up advertisements, no cramming of too many items in one page. Instead, the site offers a lucid presentation and all information is well placed and easily accessible.

The website took birth in Ukraine, when Anton Rubleveskyy decided to offer a platform where people can search for more information on cars. Auto portal became a huge success there and soon Anton realized the potential in expanding to other markets as well. with its large, growing, untapped market, India seemed the ideal place for Autoportal to expand its activities. Soon, Autoportal made its foray into the Indian cyber world and ever since, it has managed to keep the auto enthusiasts and experts happy.

That the site gives more importance to the customer experience and not profit generation is evident from its no-nonsense layout and design. It is very easy to navigate and even a casual visitor to the site will be impressed with the simplicity of the scheme of things. As the popularity of the site increased, Autoportal India decided to use the social media platform to its advantage.

You can follow the developments in the field through its face book page (, or the twitter handle of the company, Professional networking through LinkedIn is also possible.

Visit and you can be a part of the network. Autoportal is active in Google+ ( and YouTube

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