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GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. Now Offering LED Enabled Viewing Systems


Brian Wolfenden :
Newburgh, NY, February 17, 2016: GTI Graphic Technology, Inc., the leading manufacturer of lighting systems for critical color viewing, color communication, and color match assessment, today announced that LED lamp technology is now available for their visual color matching systems.

As more retail, office, and home environments switch to LED lighting it is becoming increasingly necessary to evaluate color in LED viewing conditions. To help manufacturers meet this requirement GTI is now offering LED lamps as an optional source in its multi-source viewers. For example a GTI ColorMatcher® or MiniMatcher® viewing system can be configured with a compliant daylight source (D50 or D65), cool white fluorescent, incandescent, LED, and UV. All GTI viewing systems are designed and manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Newburgh, NY. This provides the company with the ability to configure viewers with the lamp configuration and physical dimensions to meet customer requirements.

Robert McCurdy, President of GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. states, “GTI is delighted to meet the industry’s request to implement LED lamp technology into our product offering. We are excited about the potential of this new lighting technology and look forward to further implementing it into our product portfolio as it matures and stabilizes.”

Due the rapid pace of advancement in LED lamp technology it is difficult to ensure consistency of color temperature from lamp-to-lamp, batch-to-batch, and manufacturer-to-manufacturer. It is for this reason that all stakeholders in the supply chain need to evaluate color under a consistent light source that is compliant with published industry standards and then utilize the optional LED source to gauge how the product may appear in an LED light environment. All GTI D65 daylight lamps are compliant with the ASTM D1729-2009 standard and GTI D50 daylight lamps are compliant with the ISO 3664:2009 standard.

GTI plans to show LED enabled viewers at InfoFlex March 7th to 8th in Fort Worth, TX and April 12th to 14th at the American Coating Show in Indianapolis, IN.

About GTI Graphic Technology, Inc.

GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of tight tolerance lighting systems for critical color viewing, color communication, and color matching assessment. The company services the graphic arts and photographic markets. GTI also services many industrial and consumer segments including the ink, plastic, paint, colorant, automotive, fashion, textile, food, and retail markets.

GTI designs and manufactures Graphiclite® Color Viewing Systems, CMlite Color Matching Booths, QElite Quality Systems, and a range of proprietary color viewing lamps in its 30,000 square foot headquarters in Newburgh, NY. An in-house spectroradiometric laboratory and 100% measurement and verification production process guarantees that precision and accuracy is built into all products.

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