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Travis Perkins :
Travis Perkins showcases the Safe Urban Driving course to raise awareness of road safety on streets of London


Travis Perkins :
- Travis Perkins has invested £750,000 in its Safe Urban Driving course to ensure all its drivers are rigorously trained
- The training is currently being completed by all 4,000 Travis Perkins drivers
- The course is accredited by Transport for London (TfL)

London, 30 March 2017: Travis Perkins, the UK’s largest supplier of building materials to the construction and home improvement markets, has showcased the Safe Urban Driving training course, jointly created by TfL and Travis Perkins, at an event in East London in a bid to raise awareness of road safety in the capital.

The day, attended by TfL and the road safety charity Brake, gave participants the opportunity to experience the course that is being completed by all 4,000 Travis Perkins drivers.

The specialist training course aims to give drivers a different perspective of the road, and focuses on vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. As part of the training all drivers must complete a practical cycling element which sees them cycle on public highways.

Graham Bellman, Group Fleet Director at Travis Perkins, said: “This ‘on-road’ cycle element gives drivers a cyclist’s perspective of riding on London’s roads. Having this insight into the behaviours of other road users is invaluable in making our communities and streets safer, not only in London but all across the UK.”

Fleet training specialist Fleetsource UK delivers the course for Travis Perkins. Steve Hamon, Sales & Marketing Director at Fleetsource, added: “Travis Perkins wants to ensure its drivers are aware of how their driving can impact on other road users, especially those who are particularly vulnerable. Taking drivers out into the urban environment on a push bike enables them to see road safety from a different viewpoint.”

To date Travis Perkins has invested £750,000 in the Transport for London (TfL) accredited course.

Chris Mather, Head of Behaviour Change at TfL, commented: “Our Safe Urban Driving course is creating a safer generation of lorry drivers helping to protect vulnerable road users across the Capital and beyond. The course promotes more consideration for others while out on the road, which is why it is great that responsible operators, such as Travis Perkins, are so committed to it.”

Charli Brunning, a spokesperson for Brake who attended the training, said: “We are very proud of our partnership with Travis Perkins and the Safe Urban Driving initiative is a great example of their commitment to road safety. Work to protect vulnerable road users is essential for creating safe environments for people to walk and cycle, and offering drivers the opportunity to exchange places with a cyclist gives them the opportunity to experience the cyclists point of view. We commend Travis Perkins for their work, and look forwards to working with them throughout 2017.”

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