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Mark Weissenborn, Shape Corporation
Roger Dewey, Sony Ericsson
Brian Tucker, Sony Ericsson
Anders Franzen, Sony Ericsson
Governor Haley Barbour, State of Mississippi
Michael Klemm, SupplyOn
Klaus Schneider, ThyssenKrupp
David Vranesich, Ticona
Fred Daniell, Ticona
Year 1942
Roberto Rossi, TNT Express
William Clay Ford, Ford Motor Co
Richard Van Mulken, VMT Ecopackaging
Christopher Connor, WWL
Tim Williams, WDA WAF
Helmut Panke, BMW
Bernd Pischetsrieder (1995) BMW
Lee Iacocca (1985) Chrysler
Robert Eaton (1997) Chrysler
Jurgen Schremp, Daimler
Thomas Stallkamp, Chrysler
Dieter Zetsche, Daimler
Tom Gale, Chrysler
Jac Nasser (1999) Ford
Rick Wagoner, General Motors
Gary Cowger, General Motors
Nobuhiko Kawamoto, Honda
Frank W. Deiss, Mercedes
Carlos Ghosn, RenaultNissan
Johan van Zyl, Toyota
Hiroshi Okuda, Toyota

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