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Intel Becomes A Partner Of The BMW Sauber F1 Team.

The BMW Group and Intel have agreed on a comprehensive partnership. It spans a strategic technology partnership for the development of BMW’s worldwide IT infrastructure as well as shared marketing activities. The technology enterprise headquartered in the USA, moreover, is to be a new partner of the BMW Sauber F1 Team, which makes its debut in 2006.

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Goschel, BMW Group Board Member for Purchasing and Development, noted: ‘Like the BMW Group, Intel also sets the highest standards of performance, innovation and quality for its products. For both companies, technological leadership is a fundamental goal. Our methods of systematically turning ideas into innovative products will be excellently supported and complemented by Intel’s innovative technology and highly efficient solutions. This partnership stands to benefit our IT, our customers and our Formula One team.’

Eric Kim, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Intel, said: ‘This comprehensive agreement brings together two of the most admired and innovative brands in the world. Intel’s technology and BMWs prowess in the automotive sector are a powerful combination. Intel and BMW intend to collaborate heavily on the IT technology and marketing side as our brands are very dynamic and innovative. With Intel as the Official Corporate Partner of the BMW Sauber F1 Team, the Intel brand will reach hundreds of millions of passionate fans worldwide each year – fans who appreciate the critical role that technology plays in Formula One. Intel will infuse the BMW Sauber F1 Team with its technology – technology that we believe will support the team’s performance.’

‘Formula One,’ added BMW Motorsport Director Prof. Dr. Mario Theissen, ‘is a high-tech discipline. It demands the control and coordination of hundreds of parameters simultaneously and the precise execution of every step. Cutting-edge technology is a crucial success factor, and BMW has accepted the challenge. We are delighted that a strong partner such as Intel has done likewise in collaboration with us.’

As part of this long-term strategic technology partnership, BMW, with Intel’s backing, will implement a global standardisation of its IT infrastructure in BMW data centres and equip its franchise partners and facilities around the world with innovative IT systems.

In addition to these measures, BMW will support the increased mobility of employees throughout the Group with laptops featuring Intel(r) Centrino(r) mobile technology systems, as well as extending the use of Intel-based PDAs.

The two companies have also agreed on the joint development of an open standard for the integrated operation of mobile devices (including mobile phones, portable music players and PDAs) in vehicles built by the BMW Group.

The BMW Sauber F1 Team and its new partners will be presenting the new team in Valencia, Spain on January 16-17, 2006.

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