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Solid Film Lubricant Portfolio Featured in Ocean Tomo’s Spring 2006 Live Patent Auction

The thirty-six issued patents for sale in the April auction were originally developed by Ford Motor Company

Ocean Tomo, a leading independent merchant banc focusing on intellectual property assets, is hosting the world’s first, live multi-lot technology patent auction at The Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco on April 6, 2006. They announced today the inclusion of Patent Lot 13 that pertains to Solid Film Lubricants.

The thirty-six issued patents for sale in the April auction were originally developed by Ford Motor Company, and subsequently donated to the National Institute for Strategic Technology Acquisition and Commercialization (NISTAC), a non-profit organization affiliated with Kansas State University. The patents disclose several revolutionary lubrication techniques for internal combustion engines and drivetrains, which were developed out of a desire for oil-less engines; as well as applications which can be applied outside of the automotive industry in situations where low lubrication and high friction are a limiting factor.

The technology is currently being used as a piston skirt coating within the automotive industry. Because of the portfolios’ robust nature, however, potential buyers of the patents range from aircraft and agricultural equipment manufacturers to orthopedics and health care equipment manufacturers.

One of the patents in the portfolio has received an A+ rating from Ocean Tomo’s PatentRatings(R) software platform.

For more information on these patents or The Ocean Tomo Spring 2006 Live Patent Auction, please call (312) 377-4851 or email File histories on disk and a feature guide sheet to the portfolio’s claims are available upon request.

About Ocean Tomo, LLC:

Ocean Tomo, LLC ( ) is a merchant banc specializing in understanding and leveraging intellectual property assets. The firm, which was established in 2003, provides advice in IP-related mergers and acquisitions, valuation, expert services and IP analytics. Ocean Tomo works closely with IP owners, advisors and investors. The firm has offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Palm Beach, Greenwich, Orange County and Washington, DC. Ocean Tomo Capital, LLC, a $200 million investment fund, and Ocean Tomo PatentRatings, LLC, which focuses on patent analytics, are subsidiaries of Ocean Tomo, LLC.

CONTACT: Wendy Chou of Ocean Tomo, +1-718-499-6075,

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