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2006 MANN+HUMMEL Exhibit Highlights Technology and Innovation

Technology is the Key Word to Describe the MANN+HUMMEL SAE 2006 World Congress Exhibit

MANN+HUMMEL, a development partner and original equipment supplier for the international automotive industry, returns to the SAE World Congress to present the latest in its high-quality product solutions.

Highlights of the 2006 product display include a variety of all-new and traditional components and modules that make wide use of thermoplastics, along with many products that improve and enhance diesel- and gasoline-engine performance.

MANN+HUMMEL’s continuing technological leadership is also in evidence at this year’s Congress with the presentation of a technical paper entitled: CFD Simulation of Flows in Air Cleaners with Transient Dust Loading of the Filter Element by Dr. Bernhard Huurdeman.

“This paper and, more importantly, the innovative predictive analysis process that it outlines, represent our continued effort to improve development efficiencies and offer market-leading, value added technology to our customers,” said John Baumann, manager of business development for MANN+HUMMEL USA, Inc.

The quest to provide more efficient power and improved torque has spurred the efforts of Europe’s automakers to refine the diesel engine.

MANN+HUMMEL is playing a critical role in advancing the efficiency, performance and environmental benefits of the new, cleaner diesel engines. Examples of the diesel-enhancing products to be displayed at the 2006 Congress are:

* A diesel fuel-filter module with integrated cooler.

* An all-plastic intake manifold, cylinder-head cover, and throttle-body
module for a V-6 diesel engine.

* Oil-filtration modules, with integrated temperature management and
filtration functions.

* Additional diesel-specific components used for crankcase ventilation and
oil conditioning for many European and North American automakers.

* First plastic high-efficiency fuel filter with integrated heater.

The use of plastic has moved increasingly into the forefront of underhood applications because of its lighter weight, lower cost and increasing ability to withstand temperature and pressure extremes. MANN+HUMMEL is a recognized global leader in the innovative use of injection-molded and blow-molded thermoplastic solutions for air, oil and fuel system components.

Some of MANN+HUMMEL’s advanced plastics products on display at the 2006 Congress include:

* A Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (PZEV) rated air-cleaner system, with a
hydrocarbon trap or HC element.

* A synthetic plastic non-woven fleece oil filter cartridge.

* Fully plastic oil module, incorporating a cooler, crankcase ventilation
system, sensors, regulating valves, metal-free oil filter and a drain

* Spindle-less oil centrifuge, that effectively removes soot from
lubricating oil in diesel engines.

* A thermoplastic cylinder head cover module with integrated intake

* Symposer, passive acoustic feedback System.

* Cyclonic-switched, CCV air/oil separator

* Plastic diesel fuel filter with water separation and heater

* Urea filtration module

* Active intake manifold with communication valve

* A secondary air charger developed for exhaust emission control.

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