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Engineering Awards Program Honors Manufacturer of Innovative Vehicle Emissions Testing Products

Autodesk announced that Environmental Systems Products (ESP), the maker of the world’s most sophisticated remote sensing devices for measuring vehicle emissions, was named Autodesk’s Inventor of the Month for April 2006. The program recognizes the most innovative design and engineering advancements made by the extensive community of customers using Autodesk Inventor software, the world’s best-selling 3D mechanical design software and best choice for AutoCAD software users moving to 3D.

For more than 25 years, ESP has been creating innovative products and services that lead the way in the automotive inspection and maintenance industry. Their latest innovation, designed using Autodesk Inventor software, the AccuScan 4600 can measure vehicle exhaust in less than one second and evaluate over 3,000 vehicles per hour. Just as impressive as what the AccuScan 4600 does is how it does it: via Remote Sensing Device (RSD) technology.

Stationed along the side of a road, RSDs project infrared and ultraviolet light beams through passing traffic. The unit instantly analyzes motor vehicle exhaust by measuring how much pollution the beams absorb. A digital camera takes a picture of the vehicle’s license plate, and software merges vehicle registration information with the emissions test result and license plate image. This quick, unobtrusive drive-by emissions test allows drivers to have their vehicle tested without visiting an inspection station. Better yet, in states such as Colorado that have adopted “clean screen” programs, vehicles that pass through a RSD twice in two weeks and test as “clean” are sent a waiver which exempts them from having to schedule an emissions test at an inspection station.

ESP worked closely with Autodesk channel partner CADsoft Consulting, Inc. for all levels of training as they implemented the Autodesk Inventor software. ESP used Autodesk Inventor for all aspects of the mechanical design of the AccuScan 4600’s laser-emitting remote sensing analyzer. “Some members of our design team have used AutoCAD software for more than 20 years, so we felt comfortable moving to Autodesk Inventor. We found Autodesk Inventor easy to use, and believe the software has enabled us to design a high-quality, better looking and functioning product,” explained Bert Contreras, Support Services Manager at ESP. “We use several mirrors in the design of the laser sensor, and the angles and distances between the optics have to be precise. By modeling everything in Autodesk Inventor, we are able to make any necessary adjustments before investing in a physical prototype.”

“ESP’s use of Autodesk Inventor isn’t just about designing a superior product — it’s about designing products that improve air quality and vehicle safety for millions of people,” said Robert “Buzz” Kross, vice president of Autodesk Manufacturing Solutions Division. “We are delighted to name them as our Inventor of the Month for April.”

Autodesk Inventor software is the best choice for AutoCAD users looking to move to 3D. As the leading 3D mechanical software for the fifth consecutive year, Autodesk Inventor delivers the manufacturing community a comprehensive, integrated set of tools for 3D design and documentation. Delivering the only roundtrip solution for creating 2D electrical control schematics from a 3D model, Autodesk Inventor delivers deep integration with AutoCAD Electrical software, bridging the gap between electrical and mechanical design.

Each month, Autodesk selects an Inventor of the Month from the more than 500,000 worldwide Autodesk Inventor customers. Winners are chosen for engineering excellence and groundbreaking innovation that changes the way we live, work or play. For more information on the Autodesk Inventor of the Month program, contact us at

Environmental Systems Products Holdings Inc. (ESP) is the world’s premier vehicle inspection company, providing clean air and safety solutions to international markets since 1976. The company helps safeguard public health and the environment by identifying vehicles that are unsafe or polluting the air. ESP equipment, technology and programs perform 27 million vehicle tests each year at more than 12,000 facilities worldwide. The company has tested more than 250 million vehicles in nearly three decades, helping to improve air quality and vehicle safety for millions of people.

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