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In July, Jim Jordan & Associates, LLP will publish a comprehensive market study on biodiesel. This study will provide JJ&A’s best current understanding of the U.S. and international markets for biodiesel and the prospects for development over the next five years.

Biodiesel enjoys broad-based appeal among farmers, producers, refiners, distributors, marketers, investors, politicians and consumers. The purpose of this study is to provide the various interest groups with impartial, accurate information across a number of targeted topic categories.

The study will contain the latest up-to-date supply and demand information for diesel and biodiesel. Significant detail will be included concerning technology, feedstocks, production economics and logistics, as well as the regulatory developments that are proving to be such an important driver for the worldwide biodiesel markets. The disposition of potential by-product glycerin will also be addressed.

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Mon. June 24th, 2024

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