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Patents Available Related to Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System,

Portable Driver Preference Memory Stick and Collision Avoidance System

Ocean Tomo Auctions has announced it will sell five lots related to Automotive technologies at The Ocean Tomo Spring 2007 Live Intellectual Property Auction on April 19th at the Union League Club of Chicago.
Technology Lot Summaries
Automotive technologies to be sold at the April Auction include :
Lot 44 (Patent 6,411,866) – Digital Transmission Systems to Replace Complex Wire Harnesses;
Lot 45 (Patent 7,006,914) – Portable Memory Device for Interface with Ignition Systems;
Lot 46 (Patent 7,076,366) – Object Collision Avoidance Systems for Vehicles;
Lot 47 (Patents 6,592,935; 6,773,763; and 7,097,855) – Kinetic Spray Methods for Making Electromagnetic Components and Devices; and
Lot 48 (Patents 5,040,561; 5,040,562; and 5,774,048) – Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
Patented Technology Meets New Federal Requirement to Monitor Tire Pressure

The patents offered in Lot 48 disclose technology for measuring and wirelessly transmitting the status of vehicle tire pressure. Maintaining correct tire pressure facilitates a safer ride and preserves the structural integrity of the tire and rim. After years of testing and consideration, in September 2007, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has made tire
pressure monitoring systems mandatory for all passenger cars and light trucks sold in the United States.
“Given the recent federal requirement for tire pressure monitoring, these patents represent a unique opportunity to take a strategic position in the North American vehicle market,” said Steve Yelderman, an Analyst with Ocean Tomo Auctions.

Substantial Improvements to Existing Vehicle Computers
The patents offered in Lot 45 disclose technology related to a portable memory device, similar to a USB memory stick, which offers substantial improvements to the vehicle’s ignition, positioning, entertainment, and monitoring systems. The device is used in lieu of a traditional key to activate the ignition of a vehicle and stores and transfers driver preference data, such as mirror and seat position, to a vehicle’s existing computer upon ignition.

The patents offered in Lot 46 disclose a collision avoidance system designed to alert drivers of obstacles. The technology is integrated into the vehicle’s existing on-board computer and can be configured for travel in different situations, such as highway, residential or other types of travel profiles. An additional feature allows the system to alert drivers to real-time changing road conditions through visual and auditory cues so hazards can be avoided safely and quickly.

Unique Acquisition Opportunity
Acquisition of these lots represents a unique opportunity for numerous industries including, but not limited to: Automobile Manufacturers, Transportation Systems Electronics and Components Suppliers, Electrical Wire and Cable Harness Assembly Companies, Consumer Electronics Manufacturers, Military and Defense Contractors, and Advanced Microprocessor Systems Designers and Manufacturers.

More information on these Automotive lots can be accessed online at in The Ocean Tomo Spring 2007 Live Intellectual Property

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