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AC Energy Embarks on Pursuit of Additional Market Opportunities for Its Revolutionary Technology

AC Energy, Inc. announced that the Company has made further progress in refining its business model and has identified multiple target markets that it feels will be exceptionally receptive to its remarkable technology. AC Energy’s initial efforts have been focused on implementing the Company’s “Perpetual Battery System” in the gargantuan cell phone market that is currently experiencing spectacular growth rates. According to one recent report, the potential for AC Energy’s proprietary technology in this market alone is astounding, with more than 2 Billion mobile subscribers worldwide as of 2005, and that number expected to nearly double to 3.96 Billion by 2011.

Even given the promise of a global cell phone market that is projected to reach $131.2 Billion by 2010, AC Energy is actively pursuing additional market opportunities in order to maximize its revenue generating potential and to minimize its risk exposure. The Company has identified particularly promising target markets in the telecommunications and field service management markets. Both of these sectors are characterized by an increasing demand for portable power sources and offer conditions that AC Energy believes are especially receptive to its battery system that never needs charging.

AC Energy is committed to leading the world in research and development of high-quality alternative power sources for cell phones and other small electronics. Our objective is to revolutionize the battery industry by providing consumers with products of unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Through the establishment of select strategic partnerships, AC Energy will maximize its market reach by delivering a commodity of peerless value with virtually unlimited applications in commercial, industrial and military markets.

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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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