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RTT Debuts Next Generation 3D Visualization Software

RTT DeltaGen 7.0 offers improved efficiency, flexibility and integration

RTT USA, Inc. (RTT), a leading producer of design software for automotive, aircraft and consumer goods applications, today announced the debut of RTT DeltaGen 7.0, the new version of their award-winning DeltaGen 3D design and visualization software package.

RTT DeltaGen 7.0 offers the world’s first realtime raytracer that runs on a standard single-CPU computer at blazing images-per-second speed. RTT DeltaGen 7.0 allows customers to visualize their products, using computer animation, even more realistically by showing physically accurate reflections and refractions in a fraction of a second. In traditional animated film production it takes an expert more than one hour to produce one high-quality ray-traced image on custom-made computers. RTT DeltaGen 7.0 allows a novice user to create photo-realistically ray-traced images in a split second on a regular PC.

This offers manufacturers significant cost savings because they can analyze, advertise and sell their products using computer-generated imaging that is as realistic as photos and movies, rather than building and transporting expensive product samples and prototypes all over the world. Manufacturers are under pressure to design, produce and sell increasingly more complex and varied products with shorter product life spans. RTT DeltaGen 7.0 offers an environmentally sustainable and cost effective approach for displaying, explaining and designing increasingly complex consumer products.

“RTT DeltaGen 7.0 is the new benchmark in sustainable 3D design visualization in terms of capability, overall cost and speed,” said Jeroen Snepvangers, chief executive officer of RTT USA, Inc. “Imagine the realism of photography with the speed and interactivity of computer games. This allows designers and consumers to pick up, rotate and test products virtually. This makes our customers’ product design and sales process faster, more cost effective and sustainable.”

New add-on modules include:
— RTT RealTrace, the world’s fastest realtime raytracer on a standard PC
for physically accurate reflection and refractions.
— RTT RealLight, the world’s fastest realtime shadow rendering tool for
physically accurate direct and indirect light and shadow calculations
using the power of RTT raytracing.
— RTT DeltaView Plus, a new, user-friendly presentation mode interface
— RTT Portal 3.0, a premier asset management system for 3D, offers a
useful tool that manages teamwork and realtime global assets, allowing
users at several production sites to access the files they need with
seamless integration with RTT DeltaGen 7.0.

Other additions to RTT DeltaGen 7.0 include:
— Intuitive graphical user interface for improved efficiency
— Flash integration into 3D scenes for enhanced presentations
— Depth of field blur in realtime 3D scenes for enhanced presentations
— Highlight post-production effects for enhanced presentations
— Logic-enabled variant switches for easily creating complex product
— Enhanced file structure organization for efficient data administration
— Parallel workflows for simultaneous processing of work steps

RTT DeltaGen 7.0 is available in English and German. Details on purchasing options are available at

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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