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Effective Control Transport Expands to Worldwide Software Licensing and Integration Services

Effective Control Transport, a leading software and solution provider specializing in technology that monitors a drivers vigilance, today announced the expansion in software licensing and integration services, and the acquisition of a software company offering high level management of data security and encryption.

Future growth and the company’s sales and marketing efforts focus on The FOLO CRAM(TM), which allows for effective monitoring in the vigilance state of the driver, including but not limited to fatigue. It has been scientifically proven that fatigue is directly linked to decreasing levels of cognitive resources. Thus, in monitoring the availability and reduction in precious cognitive resources needed for safely driving a vehicle, drivers and fleet managers are capable of ensuring timely preventive actions.

The FOLO CRAM(TM) does not affect the driver’s normal performance. It requires no special connection or wiring and is easily integrated into fleet management applications already installed in the market today.

With timely and accurate information such as the one provided by the FOLO CRAM(TM) application, preventive actions can be taken by the driver and the fleet managers to avoid costly incidents and potentially catastrophic accidents.

After significant and comprehensive market and industry analysis, ECT has determined to focus its business efforts on software and integration solution services. Because of the recent months of successful implementation of this framework and since ECT will no longer need to engineer and manufacture hardware, the company has decided not to move forward with the Argo Navigation acquisition.

Raphael Huppe, CEO of ECT, stated, “We continue to see a tremendous demand for The FOLO CRAM(TM), and we believe our future growth is in the licensing of ECT’s suite of software applications through leading worldwide service providers of AVL and fleet management services as well as through the monthly monitoring fees that will be charged to compile and report the data that is collected. Additionally, field test results of the Advanced Biometric Identification Technology application known as FOLO ABIT(TM), which is used for security and driver profiling, have been very successful. The system’s ability to identify and build a profile of a specific driver, offers companies many different uses including but not limited to, the eventual elimination of the ‘log book’ as well as ability to know which drivers take longer to become drowsy and what types of routes work better for different drivers.”

“This acquisition will enable ECT, through its products and services, to optimize the security between the FOLO CRAM(TM) and FOLO ABIT(TM) and our backend infrastructure, completing a full monitoring and reporting solution. The response from leading fleet management service providers has been overwhelming and we believe the benefits of becoming a licensor and integration solution provider will eliminate the upfront manufacturing costs and provide better margins including exponentially increasing our time to market,” concluded Mr. Huppe.

ECT is an information technology firm that has developed fully integrated solutions for the transportation industry along with offering the highest level of technical expertise enabling them to service a wide range of customers and provide tailored solutions.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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