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CNN Features Carbon Sciences: “Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel”

Article Describes the Company's Breakthrough CO2-to-Fuel Technology After Initial Unveiling at the University of Cambridge

Carbon Sciences, the developer of a breakthrough technology to transform carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into gasoline and other fuels, reported that CNN has published an article about the company’s innovative CO2-to-Fuel technology. The article can be read at:  

In the article, Carbon Sciences CEO Derek McLeish discusses the company’s unique approach to overcoming the problem of inefficient energy ratios that has stalled other CO2 to fuel projects. The company’s innovative low energy biocatalytic process, based on natural organic molecules, converts CO2 into basic hydrocarbons such as C1 (methane), C2 (ethane) and C3 (propane). These low level fuels can then be easily converted into higher grade fuels like gasoline and jet fuel.

An attractive feature of this approach, as described by Mr. McLeish, is that the existing infrastructure to distribute, market and use gasoline and jet fuel is already in place. There is no need to deploy new infrastructure to use fuel produced from CO2 by Carbon Sciences technology.

Michael North, Professor of Organic Chemistry at Newcastle University in the UK, has stated that he believes that Carbon Sciences’ approach sounds feasible as long as the life of the biocatalysts can be maximized.

Responding to the CNN article, Mr. McLeish stated, “Harnessing the natural ability of certain biocatalysts to transform CO2 into fuel building blocks and putting all that in a highly scalable, low energy, industrial process is the core of our innovation. We believe that we have engineered a novel way to maximize the life of the biocatalysts and are delighted by the coverage from a prestigious news outlet like CNN. We look forward to sharing more of our development progress in the future.”

Carbon Sciences Inc. is developing a breakthrough technology to transform carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the basic fuel building blocks required to produce gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and other portable fuels. Innovating at the intersection of chemical engineering and bio-engineering disciplines, we are developing a highly scalable biocatalytic process to meet the fuel needs of the world. Our solution to energy and climate challenges is a sustainable world of fuel consumption and climate stability by transforming CO2 into fuel. For example, Carbon Sciences’ breakthrough technology can be used to transform CO2 emitted from fossil fuel power plants into gasoline to run cars and jet fuel to fly aircraft. To learn more about Carbon Sciences, please visit our website at

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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