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Dürr and Ford sign global Aligned Business Framework agreement

Dürr and Ford sign global Aligned Business Framework agreement 

• Member of Ford´s key supplier network 

• Development cooperation in painting systems 

• Basis for further expanding collaboration

Dürr and automaker Ford are further ex-panding their collaboration in the area of painting systems. For that purpose, the two companies signed a framework agreement giving Dürr the status of an Aligned Business Framework (ABF) partner worldwide. This means that Dürr is the first supplier Ford will ap-proach for projects in the field of painting systems, and the two com-panies will jointly develop technical solutions.

Dürr is currently building paint shops for Ford in India and Romania and a final assembly line in St. Petersburg. Ford enters into Aligned Business Frameworks agreements only with select key partners that are especially efficient and competitive in respect to technology and global presence. The agreements spell out business practices designed to increase future col-laboration, including phased-in up-front payment of engineering and deve-lopment costs, extended sourcing and data transparency. Worldwide, the automaker works together with currently more than 65 ABF partners.

According to Ralf Dieter, CEO of Dürr AG, “The framework agreement is a milestone in our relationship with Ford as it opens up additional, global business opportunities for Dürr.”

A decisive factor in the selection of Dürr was the experience Ford has had in the past years, especially in the areas of innovative ability, delivery qual-ity, and costs. Dürr can thus make a contribution towards enabling Ford to produce automobiles on fewer, globally used platforms – in higher quality, at lower cost and with greater use of standard parts and systems.

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Sat. October 31st, 2020

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