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Durr Ecoclean shows its expanded portfolio at SVC TechCon

Dürr Ecoclean is expanding its range of industrial parts cleaning services in the field of precision cleaning. Through its cooperation with the Swiss firm, UCM AG – a renowned specialist in precision cleaning equipment – Dürr Ecoclean opens up the market segment for industrial precision cleaning of residual soiling in the single digit µ-range. The cooperation with UCM includes Dürr Ecoclean’s acquisition of worldwide sales and service for UCM equipment. Dürr now has the ability to offer customized systems for all industrial cleaning tasks from pre- and intermediate cleaning all the way to precision cleaning, all from a single source.

Industrial parts cleaning – worldwide entirely from a single source

Through its partnership with UCM AG, Dürr Ecoclean completes its unique service portfolio. To date the worldwide leader in machines for primary and fine cleaning of workpieces and components, Dürr now also offers industrial precision cleaning. This can be smoothly integrated into the overall process before or after manufacturing of the parts. After the cleaning process only residual dirt particles with a size in the single digit µ-range remain on the workpiece. This corresponds to less than one thousandth of a millimeter (>10-6m). Through the cooperation between Dürr Ecoclean and UCM, customers around the world are offered the most comprehensive offering of solutions for the different requirements in industrial parts cleaning. Furthermore, new customer groups can take advantage of Dürr Ecoclean’s innovative solutions in the future. This is especially true for industries where precision cleaning is essential, such as in medical and precision engineering, precision optics or the coatings industry, for example.

Dürr’s worldwide sales and service network will additionally benefit users with closer customer proximity, comprehensive service and short response times.

Besides being present at SVC TechCon (Santa Clara/USA) Dürr Ecoclean and UCM will be featured together at the following trade shows: Laser World (Munich/Germany), Ortho Supplier (Chicago/USA), and Optifab (Rochester/USA), to present their concepts for precision cleaning to trade experts. Dürr Ecoclean will also be on-site at Turning Days (Villingen-Schwenningen/Germany).

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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