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Luvata wins ‘Excellence in Automotive Standards’ Award

Luvata, the global metals, manufacturing and technology company, has been awarded the Excellence in Automotive Standards 2009 award by the Institute of Transport Management (‘ITM’). The honour was awarded in recognition of Luvata’s contribution to the transport industry, and particularly its dedication to creating vehicle efficiency solutions, which address the increasing level of concern about climate change within the transport industry.

In accrediting Luvata with the award, the ITM Awards Committee commended the company for the way it addresses environmental issues throughout its organisation, from product and packaging design and manufacturing processes to personnel training and community involvement.

Luvata supplies a range of high quality components to the transport industry. These include electronic components such as wires, strips, electrodes and e-cooling profiles for heat exchangers and connectors, which are used in air conditioning units, windshield wipers, power steering and sound systems. They are made with copper and copper alloys, which make them incredibly durable and corrosion resistant and ensure efficient heat transfer and electrical conductivity.

Luvata’s CuproBraze technology, which is used in heat exchangers in many heavy commercial vehicle applications, can withstand much higher temperatures than other metals, ensuring durability and improved performance as well as bringing financial and environmental savings.

Anders Falkenö of Luvata, said: “We are delighted to accept this award. Our whole ethos is about working with our customers to solve problems, and in recent years concerns over climate change has meant that in almost every problem we come across, there is a necessity to reduce environmental impact as well as achieve cost savings and improved performance. We are very proud that the achievements have been recognised within the transport industry.”

Philip Leung, ITM Awards Liaison Officer, commented: “In recent years, manufacturers have come under increasing scrutiny from various parties concerned with the environmental impact of industry. Manufacturers of components, units and indeed whole vehicles must tackle the dual need for high performance and low environmental impact – a challenge from both practical and cost perspectives. However, with determination and clear programmes of development, it is possible for companies to raise standards across the board, to the benefit of consumers, corporate clients and the environment.”

“One company which has acknowledged and acted on this potential is Luvata, which is why the Awards Committee has decided to honour the company with an ‘Excellence in Automotive Standards 2009’ Award. The findings of the research team were compelling, and the verdict of the Committee unanimous.”

Since 1977, the ITM has been monitoring the performance of companies across the transport industry and every year they give out awards to those businesses that supply superlative products and services to the industry.

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