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Quickparts Provides Designers Faster Rapid Prototyping Turnaround With Same Day Shipping

Quickparts, one of North America’s largest providers of custom designed parts, from rapid prototyping to production parts, today announced the official launch of the new “Same Day Shipping” option for stereolithography (SLA) parts.

The focus of this new service is to ensure that product designers have an overnight option which is quick and easy to utilize. The simplicity of makes it even easier for designers to acquire their prototypes faster than ever before. It’s as simple as uploading an STL file, selecting a shipping option from the SLA calendar, and placing the order. The finished part can then be built and shipped for morning delivery the following day using FedEx Priority Shipping.

Using high-speed, high-quality SLA technology, Quickparts continues to live by its name by offering prototypes quickly and reliably. SLA rapid prototypes are suitable for demonstration models as well as master patterns, and are best suited for applications where accuracy, detail, and surface finish are critical.

“Because our world has become more and more accustomed to instant gratification, we have developed solutions that can get our customers ahead of their competition and turn them into rock stars. Offering same day shipping now gives them that opportunity,” said Patrick Hunter, VP of Sales and Marketing at Quickparts. “At Quickparts, we strive to make every customer’s visit with us the best experience possible, and now we have empowered our customers with even more control on the speed in which they receive their parts,” he continued.

The new “Same Day Shipping” feature has initially been implemented for qualifying SLA orders. Quickparts plans to add similar functionality for the remaining rapid prototyping processes (SLS, FDM, PolyJet and Cast Urethane parts) later this year.

Quickparts provides custom manufacturing services for engineers and designers who want to create plastic and metal parts utilizing their 3D CAD files. Using patented QuickQuote technology, Quickparts is able to provide product designers with an ‘instant online quote’ for the prototyping and production of their custom parts.

Quickparts custom manufacturing services include: rapid prototyping (SLA, SLS, FDM, PolyJet), Cast Urethane Parts, Injection Molding (Tooling and Parts), Sheet Metal Parts, CNC Machined Parts, and Plaster and Metal Casting

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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