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Ronn Motors Concludes 100,000 Mile Plus Over-the-Road H2GO Field Trials by 3rd Party Fleet Owner

Impressive Data Shows Consistent 20% to 30% Reduction in CO2 Gases & Equally Remarkable Mileage Improvement

Ronn Motor Company announced that the results for the past 3 month over-the-road field trials are finalized for the big-rig diesel powered fleet trucks. The H2GO(TM) systems have been operating as anticipated, consistently delivering a 20% to 30% reduction in CO2 gases and an equally impressive mileage improvement.

With more than 100,000 miles of on-road field trials completed, under numerous, diverse road conditions and vehicle load factors, the
H2GO(TM) has proven its durability and is living up to our expectations. Ronn Motor Company plans to collate and fully document all of the data that has been received and publish comprehensive results on their website within the next two weeks.

Damon Kuhn, Ronn Motor Company COO, stated, “The results achieved from the extensive H2GO(TM) field trials are consistent with our expectations based on months and months of extensive research, development and dyno testing. The field trials, conducted by 3rd party fleet owner/operators, have given us a wonderful opportunity to successfully fine tune our hydrogen generation system, as well as our programmable ECM, under actual operating conditions. We are excited that our H2GO(TM) system is ready for the commercial market, allowing us to deliver on our promise to provide a sustainable, eco-friendly, automotive technology.”

Large big-rig trucks are the backbone of the shipping and commercial industries in the United States. These large fleet trucks average a mere 6 miles per gallon nationally. Every tenth of a mile increase in their fuel efficiency will increase the truck owner’s bottom line, as well as provide a positive impact on the environment through significant reductions in noxious emissions.

Headquartered in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, Ronn Motor Company, Inc. is a design and manufacturing company focused on the leading edge engineering of environmentally friendly, finely built premium automobiles and sustainable, eco-responsible, technology. These technology systems include Hydrogen Fuel, Fuel Cells, and Plug-in Electrics and will be incorporated into our automobiles to be made available for aftermarket applications. Our products, coupled with RMC’s core values of a strong sense of ethics, environmental sensitivity and premium quality, position the company as one of the new leaders in an automotive industry transitioning toward fuel efficiency. For more information, please visit

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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