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TRW Unveils New Compact Driver Airbag Module

TRW Automotive Holdings Corp., announced a new compact driver airbag module which is over 50 per cent smaller than conventional driver airbag modules. The new module – which is contained in a volume less than 1200 cm3 – provides vehicle manufacturers with greater flexibility for styling while offering significant weight advantages.

Alexander Heilig, global engineering director, Systems Engineering, Steering Wheel and Driver Airbags commented: “With the increased complexity in vehicle components and electronics, it’s vital that we develop technologies for our customers that offer packaging and weight advantages. Technologies such as our new, best-in-class compact driver airbag module can help vehicle manufacturers with their fuel efficiency objectives as well as offering new and enhanced interior vehicle styling opportunities.”

The compact module will accommodate all airbag system features such as TRW’s snap-in guidance attachment system, active tether/ venting, single- or dual-stage inflators, star bag fold, inflator mass damper and horn function.

“With the new compact driver airbag module we have managed to achieve a major packaging reduction through applying our new DI-10 inflator which utilizes a more efficient propellant formulation as well as high grade materials for the housing and weld joint technology; the application of our latest processing technologies which enhances compact folding capabilities; and using a new housing concept which helps to minimize overall product size,” added Dirk Schultz, director, Inflatable Restraint Systems.

TRW’s compact driver airbag module is already receiving significant customer interest worldwide. TRW has been developing and manufacturing airbag modules for over 30 years with several leading innovations such as its first to market compact low mounted knee airbag module and a head protection system for convertible vehicles which started production earlier this year.

About TRW

With 2008 sales of $15.0 billion, TRW Automotive ranks among the world’s leading automotive suppliers. Headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, USA, the Company, through its subsidiaries, operates in 26 countries and employs approximately 64,000 people worldwide. TRW Automotive products include integrated vehicle control and driver assist systems, braking systems, steering systems, suspension systems, occupant safety systems (seat belts and airbags), electronics, engine components, fastening systems and aftermarket replacement parts and services. All references to “TRW Automotive”, “TRW” or the “Company” in this press release refer to TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. and its subsidiaries, unless otherwise indicated. TRW Automotive news is available on the internet at

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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