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Ai INNOVATION, SINCE 1895, a Subsidiary of NCLGroup – Your One Stop Directory for All Your Auto Needs

The founder and owner of, a subsidiary of NCLGroup, Inc. Corporation, announced today the release of its initial Website geared towards the automotive industry consumers and businesses who wish to affordably promote and or find automotive services and products.

Automotive sales veteran Patrick Culligan said he saw an opening in the automotive marketplace for a national online directory where visitors can find a business, products or service for exactly what they’re looking for. “It’s simply a directory that focuses on everything in the automotive industry where you can find answers not links,” Culligan said.

Culligan said there needs to be an automotive website devoted strictly to consumers’ wants and needs in the automotive market place because most people search from a website, to the phonebook, and back to a website in search of a part or business without finding exactly what they want.

“Too many people waste time by doing both,” Culligan said. “It is frustrating when you need a specific part or something fixed and your search comes up empty handed. It is our view that every search is a critical task which demands results. Automotive Index is here to provide those results.” has all the tools necessary to get things done and provides thousands of business listings and services.

With nearly a decade of used-car experience, Culligan said economic conditions are quite favorable for such a launch. “We came up with a concept that is both user friendly, time and cost effective for everyone involved,” Culligan said.

Affordability will prove to be’s hallmark. “We are an automotive related index that provides businesses the means to promote themselves without the high cost that is usually associated with marketing,” Culligan said. “This site is as much for the head of the Company who controls the marketing budget as it is for first-time car owners, college students, retirees and the like.”

The Web site represents a refreshing change to the automotive landscape to millions of automobile owners, automotive businesses and professionals.

NCLGroup, Inc. was formed on February 20, 2007 and is a privately held S Corporation in the state of New York located in Onondaga County. With its business primarily focused in the E-commerce, Internet market place.

About is an online directory for auto businesses, products and services. We specifically focus on the automotive industry. Our goal is to provide visitors with the information that they need so they can find exactly what they are looking for. We have listed businesses and services by specific categories to speed up each particular search. We also provide outsourcing services that will allow your business, product or service to get noticed without the high costs that are usually associated with standard advertising rates. With our national and local index listings and banner advertising opportunities we will drive leads right to your business store front or web site. “You’ll learn pretty quickly what we already know; provides answers not links and is a natural extension of the automotive marketplace. I encourage you to take a look,” Culligan said.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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