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Claudio Ballard, founder of Data Treasury Corporation and ICONIC Motors, has been named “Inventor of the Year” by the United States Business and Industry Council (USBIC), a national organization of business owners and executives dedicated to improving the U.S. domestic economy. Ballard’s revolutionary VEEDIMS technology provides a cost effective and unique approach to systems automation by merging Ethernet speed and data management.

“To win such a prestigious award, I am honored. VEEDIMS was created to reform old ways of managing data. With the recent debut of the 2012 ICONIC AC Roadster, VEEDIMS has an excellent platform for showcasing its unique abilities to revolutionize vehicle performance,” said Claudio Ballard, Chairman of Data Treasury Corporation and ICONIC Motors.

VEEDIMS stands for Virtual Electrical Electronic Device Interface Management System. This new technology will enable a multitude of applications within a wide variety of fields – automotive, marine, specialty vehicles, commercial and residential controls and lighting systems, and much more. VEEDIMS allows for a host of application-specific solutions to be remotely monitored, controlled and managed. Because of its unique design, there is no longer a need for miles of analog wiring cables. Instead, the information is shared between a combination of wired and optional wireless routers paired with specifically designed software all managed by encrypted Ethernet-based connectivity. With VEEDIMS, new products can be quickly brought to market at lower risk, lower cost and reduced weight. This equates to a lower carbon foot-print, while featuring high reliability and ease of downstream maintenance.

“We are proud to honor Claudio as our ‘Inventor of the Year,’” said Kevin Kearns, President of the USBIC. “He is brilliant and tenacious, and he isn’t afraid of standing up for what’s right. In short, he is the ideal American inventor. Innovators like Claudio are national treasures. They must be free to patent their ideas and bring them to market so that American businesses can move the economy forward and increase the standard of living for all Americans in the future.”

Ballard is a well known inventor, best known for the Global Repository Platform, his patented electronic transaction scanner is widely used by banks and financial institutions across the world. This technology is used to scan and electronically process digital copies of checks, and is now being put to use in ATM machines with electronic deposit features.

About the USBIC
Founded in 1933, the U.S. Business and Industry Council (USBIC) is a national organization of business owners and executives dedicated to making the U.S. domestic economy the world’s leading engine of economic growth. Member companies are typically family-owned or privately held, mostly in the manufacturing sector. They are often the major employers in their home communities and the mainstays of the local economy. For more information, see

About ICONIC Motors, LLC
ICONIC Motors, LLC, with production facilities in Dearborn, Michigan, represents the future of automotive design and innovation. Started with one man’s relentless passion to conceive, design, engineer and construct a high performance super sports car entirely in the United States of America. After years of research and development with some of the finest engineers in the fields of automotive engineering, electronics and leading-edge materials science, the ICONIC Motor philosophy of “Uncompromised Excellence” is evident in each product it builds. For more information, photos and videos, go to

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Sat. June 3rd, 2023

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