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Cybercom Develops Infotainment System With Saab

Cybercom is partnering with Saab to develop an open infotainment system for the next generation of Saab automobiles. Saab is expected to be first in the Western world to adopt Android as a commercial platform. This project puts Cybercom at the absolute forefront of in-car communication platforms.

“The infotainment system we are creating together with Cybercom will be a key component of Saab automobiles in a few years,” says Niclas Lindmark, project manager at Saab Automobile. “The open solution being designed for remote communication with the car is also a sign of Saab’s strong strategy of innovation.”

Cybercom is helping Saab design software for a system that allows car owners to create a personal infotainment system via a web portal on their home computer or directly in the car. Car owners will be able to access services that today are only available via mobile phones, computers, or TVs. Once inside the car, drivers will be able to install software that gives them access to news and other online services such as internet radio, music streaming, various navigation services, and other content such as audio books.

“This project makes Saab a major key customer for us,” says Ingmar Bengtsson, account manager at Cybercom Sweden. “Together with Saab, we’re combining the innovative drive of the mobile sector with the technical know-how of the automotive industry.”

Saab will be the first company in the Western world to adopt Android and its open innovation strategy is unique in the industry. The concept enables third-party service providers to provide much of the functionality in the infotainment system. Developers of applications for Android phones or tablets today will be able to easily customize their applications for automobiles and extend new and existing applications onto the infotainment platform.

In addition, Saab can contact car owners directly to offer new services developed by Cybercom and other partners.

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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