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3rd AUTOSAR Open Conference in Frankfurt attracted large audience

AUTOSAR unveiled roll-out plans of Core Partners

On May 11, 2011, the AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) Development Partnership held its 3rd AUTOSAR Open Conference in Frankfurt/Main, an event which aroused great interest with nearly 300 participants. Besides a comprehensive overview of the AUTOSAR status, the conference presented a broad thematic spectrum targeting engineers from the whole automotive supply chain, researchers and members of the development partnership. As one of the highlights, the Core Partners’ roll-out plans were disclosed. The conference thus provided a platform for sharing results and development activities concerning the AUTOSAR standard.

“With its wide thematic range, the 3rd AUTOSAR Open Conference offered an impressive demonstration of how AUTOSAR is on its way as a global standard,” said Alain Gilberg, spokesperson for AUTOSAR. “The large number of attendees and the thoroughly positive feedback are proof of the high reputation which the AUTOSAR Open Conference has acquired among the target groups involved.”

By unveiling the roll-out plans of the Core Partners, Bernd Kunkel, AUTOSAR Project Leader at Volkswagen, informed the audience of the concrete AUTOSAR deployment. He disclosed which Core Partner will use which release at which point in time to put AUTOSAR on the road. In the following, Khosrau Heidary, Project Manager, Strategic Key Project AUTOSAR at Continental, highlighted the main objectives of AUTOSAR Phase III (2010-2012) in a technical overview and a roadmap for future development. Besides giving an overview of the content and the roadmap for the releases and revisions of this phase, Heidary stressed the major achievements made in the standardisation of application interfaces and the way in which AUTOSAR tackles backwards compatibility. His speech also discussed the future handling of conformance and acceptance tests in AUTOSAR. In addition, ten presentations by AUTOSAR members focusing on the current roll-out of AUTOSAR underlined its leading role as a key software technology for automotive industries worldwide. Some presentations additionally covered aspects of safety requirements and conformance tests. At the end of the 3rd AUTOSAR Open Conference, the popular question and answer session gave a much-used opportunity to enter into a dialogue with representatives of the Steering Committee and with Project Leaders. All presentations held at the 3rd AUTOSAR Open Conference are available at

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a worldwide development partnership of car manufacturers, suppliers and other companies from the electronics, semiconductor and software industry. Since 2003 they have been working on the development and introduction of an open, standardized software architecture for the automotive industry. By simplifying the exchange and update options for software and hardware with the AUTOSAR approach, it forms the basis for reliably controlling the growing complexity of the electrical and electronic systems in motor vehicles. AUTOSAR also improves cost efficiency without compromising quality. The “core partners” of AUTOSAR are the BMW Group, Bosch, Continental, Daimler

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