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Combination of display and email advertising outperforms pure banner campaigns

Leading email services provider eCircle today released the results of the SEAT Ibiza ST campaign, a research study conducted in partnership with Nielsen to analyse how display advertising can be optimised, showing integrated campaigns with email improves recall of advertising.

The study looked at the responses from over 1,000 consumers targeted by the SEAT Ibiza ST campaign, via digital display adverts, email marketing or a combination of both.

The results show that a combination of display and email advertising improves advertising recall by 13%, when compared with display advertising alone. The study also demonstrated a 47% buying intention increase when email is added to a display campaign. The study reveals for the first time that companies looking for both the brand and sales impact of their online advertising campaign are better off by adding email as an element to their banner campaigns. The combination of email (a highly targeted direct marketing tool) with the reach of focused display advertising has a much greater impact than pure play campaigns for advertisers.

The speed a campaign is deployed is also much higher for email with 30% increase in unique users in contact with the advertising within a week, compared to just 11% for display advertising.

Intriguingly propensity to buy was significantly higher at 45% for email campaigns than either display advertising alone at 30%, or the combination of display and email which came out at 36%.

Respondents were also asked whether they would forward good newsletter offers to friends; almost half of email recipients surveyed indicated they would forward on email offers to friends and acquaintances, suggesting viral effects significantly improve the reach of a campaign.

Volker Viewer, CEO, eCircle commented on the results: “This research shows that many consumers prefer a multi-channel approach, with the combination of email and display advertising working together to significantly increase their disposition to buy. Email can be more targeted and personalised to the individual receiving it, so I’m not surprised that the results show email is highly effective at driving awareness and generating sales.

There tends to be an assumption that the more exposure the better, but the research contradicts this by suggesting that in fact email on its own can be a bigger driver of intention to buy. Brands need to consider their options for online marketing carefully – combining different elements of digital marketing well can have a significant impact, in this case display advertising and email quadrupled traffic to the SEAT website.”

Download a PDF version of the New Advertising Effectiveness Study: Display versus Email here:

eCircle is the biggest European provider of online marketing services, providing a complete end to end digital solution fuelled by its innovative email technology, eC-messenger.

Effectively integrating email, social media and mobile, eCircle delivers commercial value with ease of implementation, empowering clients with more data, more automation and more integration; ultimately leading to more profitable campaigns. DataSeal accredited, eCircle is constantly investing in improving data security and evolving its technology and data quality as well as building on its unique, expert team to deliver the best possible service for clients.

Trusted by some of the world’s most prolific brands in travel, retail, FMCG and finance, eCircle delivers clients the tools to manage their data securely, save time and achieve truly seamless marketing.

With over 300 employees, multi-award winning eCircle has headquarters in Munich and additional offices in London, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Utrecht. In 2010 eCircle was acquired by TA Associates and received $90million investment to further develop and strengthen its flagship software, eC-messenger and consolidate its position as a leading international data provider and generator.

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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