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Plenary speakers at the second Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) EUROTEC® conference in July will focus on new developments in automotive and aerospace applications and on the influence of global markets on the European plastics and rubber machinery industry, SPE announced today.

The EUROTEC conference will take place on Thursday and Friday, July 4-5, 2013, at the Cité Congress Exhibition Centre in Lyon, France and will include 147 original, peer-reviewed technical presentations. There will be two plenary addresses on each day:

● Polymer Composites for Aerospace Applications—Past, Present, and Future. [July 4, 11:30] Speaker James S. Griffing is a technical fellow at the Boeing Company and was the 2012-2013 president of SPE. He has been with Boeing for 25 years, specializing in polymer and composite materials for aircraft.

● Skin-Foam-Skin Rotomolded Structures Made of TP-Seal® or BioTP-Seal® Technologies. [July 4, 13:30]. Addressing “a new concept for the production of car bodies for urban mobility,” speaker Eric Maziers is R&D global manager with Total Company Feluy. He has been head of research projects for polyolefins and biopolymers for more than 20 years, recently focusing on metallocene-based polyolefins and polylactic acid (PLA) development for rotomolding.

● How the Composites Industry Approaches the Automotive Challenge. [July 5, 11:30] Speaker Jan-Anders Måson, a professor at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, is known for his research on novel cost-effective and high-volume composites. He is also president of AISTS, an organization supported by academic institutions in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee.

● The Economic Development of European Plastics and Rubber Machines in View of Global Markets. [July 5, 13:30] Speaker Thorsten Kühmann is managing director of VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.), the association of plastics and rubber machinery producers.

Information about EUROTEC 2013, including registration, is available at

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