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TEPEO® Lux Underscores the Quality and Character of the Vehicle Interior

Ultra-soft surface material by Benecke-Kaliko provides premium comfortUltra-soft surface material by Benecke-Kaliko provides premium comfort

As an attractive alternative to real leather for decorative surfaces, soft materials now lend vehicle interiors throughout the world premium comfort and a special note of quality. In launching the ultra-soft TEPEO(®) Lux, Benecke-Kaliko has now gone a step further.

“TEPEO(®) Lux is much more than a laminate with a soft foam layer,” explains Dominik Beckman, global head of marketing at Benecke-Kaliko. “It is a complete ultra-soft construction.” The “ultra-soft” attribute applies not only to the foam layer; the compact layer and the finishing varnish are also considerably softer than in current products.

Perfect for the environment

TEPEO(®) Lux has all the benefits of conventional TEPEO(®) foils. In keeping with the “Designed Green” principle, vehicle occupants and the environment stand to benefit. The product is up to 60 percent lighter than conventional materials, making it ideal for lightweight construction applications. Its innovative material is free of halogens and artificial softeners. And its resilience is based solely on the special composition of its polymer components. TEPEO(®) Lux has a 48 percent better CO(2) balance than PVC foils. The compact layer is also 100 percent recyclable.

Typical application areas for TEPEO(®) Lux are instrument panels, door trim, and other decorative surfaces. “In other words, it is the right choice wherever a pleasant feel to the touch is desired, along with a lasting impression of luxury,” says Beckman.

TEPEO(®) Lux’s premium standard extends beyond the way the material feels, though. Benecke-Kaliko’s surface development expertise makes possible the perfect harmonization of all surfaces in the cockpit as well as virtually limitless freedom for grain design. At the forefront of the surface development stage, Benecke-Kaliko’s Surfvis(TM) 3D advanced simulation solution provides an exact and realistic representation of the grain on the deep drawn component. “This optimizes the premium appeal of TEPEO(®) Lux and saves both time and money,” underscores Beckman. “With all these advantages, TEPEO(®) Lux offers automakers new ways to differentiate and put emphasis on the premium character of their vehicles. And this applies all around the world, too.” Benecke-Kaliko has facilities in Germany, China, and Mexico able to produce the material for global supply.

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Sat. July 13th, 2024

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