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Highly Integrated V2X Security Trusted V2X Signing Firmware on Infineon SLI 97 Security Controller

Autotalks complete and mature automotive-grade V2X chipset, software and reference design now delivers high security performance to the automotive suppliers (Tier1) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication employ public-key cryptography to authenticate over-the-air messages. To prevent unallowed signing of bogus messages, Autotalks has developed a highly integrated V2X solution comprising trusted signing firmware and the SLI 97 security controller from Infineon Technologies.

Theft of private keys is prevented by storing them on the security controller that is additionally hosting the related cryptographic services. The trusted V2X signing solution handles key generation, message signature generation and collaboration with Certificate Authority (CA), while protecting private keys from exposure.

Autotalks has selected a security controller from Infineon, a leading supplier of M2M SIM controllers used in cars. Infineon leverages its unique security expertise in combination with sophisticated quality measures based on its leading position in automotive IC supply.

Being certified according to Common Criteria EAL5+ high and AEC-Q100, Infineon`s SLI 97 security controller meets both the automotive industries stringent quality requirements as well as highest security levels for trusted and tamper-protected V2X signing. The SLI 97 offers the following features: AEC-Q100 qualification, 1MByte SOLID FLASH™ with certified security, extended temperature range from -40°C to 105°C, PPAP Documentation, high endurance and robustness as well as EAL5+ Common Criteria Certification.

Autotalks dedicated V2X signing firmware is tightly-coupled with CRATON (ATK4100) V2X Communication Processor. Solution exceeds the standard performance profile requirement of <50 milliseconds signing latency. Secure storage is sufficiently large, without needing an external Flash memory, to meet Car-2-Car Communication Consortium requirements.

“Together with CRATON’s ability to ECDSA-verify all incoming messages, the signing firmware on Infineon`s SLI 97 forms a comprehensive V2X security solution,” said Onn Haran, CTO of Autotalks. “It allows our customers to introduce tamper-proof V2X series-production products.”

“Infineon supports this emerging market with its leading security expertise,” said Juergen Spaenkuch, Vice President and General Manager Platform Security of the Chip Card & Security Division at Infineon Technologies. “Together with Autotalks applied firmware, standard-compliant V2X systems can now able to meet the highest security requirements.”

About Autotalks Ltd. 
Autotalks enables the vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication revolution by providing automotive qualified VLSI solutions, containing the entire ECU functionality. The unique technology of Autotalks addresses V2X challenges: communication reliability, communication security, positioning accuracy and vehicle installation.

Autotalks ready solution is used in series production units reaching the market from 2015 on.

Autotalks is a privately held company with strong venture capital backing.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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