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Elektrobit unveils EB robinos, a new software architecture for automated driving systems

Available today, EB robinos makes it faster, easier and more cost-effective to build software for self-driving vehicles
Elektrobit unveils EB robinos

Elektrobit (EB), a leading developer of cutting-edge, embedded and connected technology solutions for the automotive industry, today announced EB robinos, the first comprehensive, hardware-agnostic software solution enabling carmakers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers to develop and bring to market highly automated driving (HAD) systems.

EB robinos addresses the needs of every automaker and supplier that is racing toward the development of increasingly automated driving features and grappling with the complexity of advanced in-car systems. These advanced systems integrate both software and hardware elements including sensors and actuators, as well as components for fusion, control, and more. EB robinos provides a single, open platform that can help to accelerate HAD development and production. The end-to-end solution is ideal for cooperative efforts among multiple parties such as automakers, suppliers, software developers, and others.

“Our EB robinos makes it possible for automakers to shift their focus from architecture to what really matters to them: quickly bringing cars to market with features that will delight customers and differentiate their models from the competition,” said Alexander Kocher, president and managing director, Elektrobit. “Our approach accelerates development, saving them time, money and resources.”

Built around EB’s innovative, open-interface architecture for HAD–called open robinos–the solution consists of a functional, standardized architecture equipped with open interfaces plus software modules for a variety of different driving features and functionalities. This integrated approach makes it faster, easier and more cost-effective to create prototype systems as well as to create and control embedded applications in production vehicles.

In addition to its open-interface architecture–which works with various hardware–EB robinos will offer software for development and embedded prototyping, plus more than 20 different software modules to address different functionalities. Automakers may pick and choose the components that map to their needs. EB robinos for EB Assist ADTF for developing and testing driver-assistance systems is available now. The first software modules for embedded solutions, which include grid fusion and path planning, are slated to be available in Q3 2016.  .

EB robinos benefits all types of carmakers and Tier 1 suppliers, whatever their existing experience with advanced HAD systems may be. Its open interfaces make it easy to integrate into existing systems and modules developed by a Tier 1 or carmaker or allow its use as a complete stand-alone solution unto itself. EB robinos works with any AUTomotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR) basic software. It is designed to run on various driver-assistance hardware platforms for pre-development to series use, including the Platform for Autonomous Driving, which provides developers with existing hardware and the EB tresos operating system.

“Developing applications for highly automated driving requires the integration of many different hardware and software components that need to work together seamlessly. Creating, coordinating, and combining these individual parts to cover all needs–from functionality and efficiency to safety and security–presents significant challenges, said Phil Magney, founder and principal, Vision Systems Intelligence. “EB robinos consolidates many elements of the tool chain into a single open platform that can speed development of any autonomous driving program, regardless whether it already exists or is a greenfield venture.”

EB robinos is available today. A free evaluation license and full technical details are available at

The open robinos specification is also available for download on

For more information please visit

About Elektrobit (EB)

Elektrobit (EB) is an award-winning and visionary global supplier of embedded and connected software solutions and services for the automotive industry. A leader in automotive software with over 25 years serving the industry, EB’s software powers over 70 million vehicles and offers flexible, innovative solutions for connected car infrastructure, human machine interface (HMI) technologies, navigation, driver assistance, electronic control units (ECUs), and software engineering services. EB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental.  For more information, visit us at



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