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Smart Manufacturing, Innovative Materials, Green Solutions for Electrical & Electronics Industries

Smart Manufacturing

Discover Smart Manufacturing, Innovative Materials, Green Solutions for Electrical & Electronics Industries at CHINAPLAS 2018 Unceasing news and discussions on 5G communication, autopiloting, drones, health care issues and smart cities keep attracting our attention. As high-end manufacturing gains momentum, smartphone technology innovations are designed unflaggingly. OEM is gradually expanding into automotive electronics, medical electronics and other fields, opening new paths for the information technology and electrical appliances industries. Businesses continuously introduce new products to meet changing needs of consumers, and at the same time spend increasing amounts of efforts in the R&D of high-end migration, intelligence, customization, differentiation, lightweighting, material durability, energy efficiency, environmental protection and other areas.

“Innovation is Key to the Future” is the theme CHINAPLAS 2018 is architected around in response to the call for new materials, new technologies and new equipment from E&E industries. CHINAPLAS 2018 will be replete with high-tech solutions for “smart manufacturing”, “innovative materials” and “green solutions”. More than 1,100 leading exhibitors will showcase solutions for the Electrical and Electronics, IT and Telecommunications industries.

Smart manufacturing with high-end equipment

China’s emphasis on the development of smart manufacturing is on the rise, as reflected in the “Made in China 2025” strategy and the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, which outline proposals to build a strong nation with special emphasis on smart manufacturing, a direction towards which manufacturers are upgrading. CHINAPLAS 2018, a platform for the dissemination of new plastics innovations, is going to introduce a legion of cutting-edge technologies together with local and overseas leading exhibitors and by organizing a number of concurrent events.

Engel Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will demonstrate at CHINAPLAS a technology that enables the efficient production of PMMA optical lenses with thickness greater than 20mm. As the demand for productivity increases, the cycle time becomes more and more of a concern. ENGEL is realizing the reduction of cycle time by a two machines concept. A 1060/400 duo injection moulding machine with a 4-cavity mould for the manufacturing of pre-moulded parts and a duo 600H/600H/500 combi machine with rotary table and 4+4 – cavity mould for sequential over-moulding, saving 87% cycle time. The system includes a 6-axis robot and an external cooling station for the pre-moulded parts.

Modern Precision Plastics & Mould (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. will make a global debut for a new generation of 200T three-color six-station vertical injection molding machine at CHINAPLAS 2018. The machine can produce three products of different colors at the same time, which means one machine can serve the functioning of three machines. Combining with automation technology developed by their R&D, loss of raw materials during production process and production cost can be reduced.

In order to adapt to a more stringent production condition, such as dust-free workshop, auxiliary equipment has achieved technological breakthroughs. Fuji Tekko Co., Ltd.’s independent arm secondary slitter for lithium-ion battery film, a ceramic coated lithium-ion separator film with special dust suction device, is widely used by a large number of domestic manufacturers.

Yudo (Suzhou) Hot Runner Systems Co., Ltd. will make a global debut at CHINAPLAS 2018 for temperature control, sequence control and cloud service and Internet of Things. Comparing to conventional temperature controller, the additional function of the temperature controller is the concept of Internet of Things. Temperature accuracy can be up to ±1℃. With various types of alarm modes and camera, controlled and monitored by multiple types of mobile platforms, work environment can be check whenever possible, keeping the equipment safe and efficient. Big data analysis is possible and hence users will be able to predict the equipment failures and take measures to prolong service life of the equipment, enhancing productivity. Besides, the exhibit helps to inject parts with better appearance and quality.

Concurrent events illustrate automation

To meet the needs of various application industries, a myriad of practical automation solutions has been developed. VDMA, German Engineering Federation, continues to provide their prolonged support to CHINAPLAS, will once again hold the concurrent event “Industry 4.0 Conference” together with the show organizer. Smart plastics processing factories will present real cases of how to achieve lean and automated production and how to increase efficiency of assembling and processing. At another concurrent event, “Tech Talk”, technologies related to smart manufacturing will be released at the “Smart Manufacturing Session” and “Intelligent Injection Molding Session”. These include automation/robotics, micro- injection molding, digitalization and utilization of big data, manufacturing execution system(MES), 3D printing and many other hot topics.

Innovative materials and green solutions

Computers, communications, and other consumer electronic products are all becoming portable, thin and light. High-performance materials and composites have achieved breakthroughs in strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and antimicrobial properties. Among them, carbon fibre composites have become a “dream material” for equipment lightweighting and miniaturization, securing their widespread and diversified applications in electronics and home appliances, communications and instrumentation, etc.

Arnitel® TPE from DSM provides new camera maker Yi with better grip. The lightweight camera M1, which weighs just 280g, has received praise for its simple controls and its ease of handling. The Arnitel grip makes cameras very comfortable to hold and ensures that it does not slip in the hand when the user takes the shot. Users are taking advantage of the superior touch and feel offered by Arnitel, the fact that it does not cause skin irritation or allergies, its resistance to perspiration and to skin care oils and other liquids, and its inherent high resistance to the sun’s UV rays – as well as its ease of processing in high volumes via injection molding. Arnitel can be used in over-molded structures with other thermoplastics such as ABS and thermoplastic polyesters as well as polycarbonate. It is fully recyclable.

In addition, spray-free technology is also one of the hot spots in the plastics and rubber industries. ColorShine, a special effect metallic color series and pigments (aluminum), from AMERICHEM, INC., is colorful. Its nano encapsulation enables retention of optical properties. As well as contributing to better flow and no flow lines, which was always the main issue with the traditional metallic pigments in the past.

In addition to having outstanding antimicrobial, flame-retarding, micro-foaming and lightweight properties, renewable energy based, high-tech materials which are biodegradable, low VOCs, energy saving, low waste producing, recyclable, etc. are also gaining attention. Taizhou Sodes New Material Co., Ltd. has developed new bio-based materials using cereal fibre, bamboo fibre, coffee powder, etc., and developed and applied these bio-energy sources to other materials, such as PS, TPE, TPR, TPU, and POM. They provide not only alternate solutions to thin-walling, but can also be used in 3D printing technology, providing a wide range of applications.

The design of products like consumer electronics and home appliances is given an unprecedented amount of attention to “Color, Material and Finish” (CMF), in order to create delightful user experience. In response to the industry’s need, a concurrent event “CMF Inspiration for Design x Innovation” will be organized at CHINAPLAS 2018. Audience can get all kinds of ideas for CMF design and be inspired by the unlimited possibilities of colour, materials and production processes brought by plastic technology, thus optimizing product design and enhancing product experience.

CHINAPLAS 2018 will take place on April 24 – 27, 2018 in National Exhibition & Convention Centre (NECC), Hongqiao, Shanghai, PR China, with “Smart Manufacturing”, “Innovative Materials”, and “Green Solutions” being the show focuses. This is a not to be missed chance for E&E businesses to gain access to technologies of high standards and develop smart, innovative and green solutions.

It is anticipated 4,000 well-known international suppliers will participate in CHINAPLAS 2018 in an exhibition area over 340,000sqm, including DuPont, Teijin, Toray, AKZO, JAPAN UNITIKA, Clariant, Chi Mei, DSM, BASF, Pret, Mitsui Chemicals, ICL Investment Co., Ltd., Asahi Kasei, JINYOUNG, RTP <> , SABIC <> , Samyang Corporation, Baston Ningbo, Haitian, BORCH <> , Yizumi, Siemens, FU CHUN SHIN <> , Davis-Standard Co., Ltd., Motan-Colortronic, ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Sodick, etc.

A wide range of advanced materials, additives and processing technologies that facilitate the E&E industry to become intelligent, high-end and green, will be showcased on the fairground. Highlights include liquid silicone rubber injection molding technology, spray-free technology, antimicrobial and noise reduction materials, automatic optical inspection equipment, high-performance polyamide materials, light weight solutions, carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic resin, advanced industrial “Internet of Things” solutions, etc.

As of today, CHINAPLAS 2018 has already attracted famous companies to join this annual mega show, including Huawei, APPLE, Ecovacs, Skyworth, Midea, Gree, ZTE, Sichuan Changhong, Haier, Opple, AAC Technologies, Goertek, Joyoung, Panasonic, Lenovo, Shenzhen Senior Technology Material Co., LTD, Sanyo Energy, Delixi, Simon Electric, TE Connectivity, Foxconn, Getac Technology Group, Luxshare, Zhongda Electronics, etc.

For walk-in visitors, RMB 50 and RMB 80 will be charged for a one-day pass and a four-day pass respectively. Visitors can enjoy admission discount through online pre-registration from now till April 18, 2018, at an early-bird rate of RMB 50 for a four-day pass. To pre-register now, please visit For more information about CHINAPLAS 2018, please visit 

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