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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies wins Innovation Award in Shanghai for the micronAir fuel cell filter type N
Honored for its contributions to the future of mobility

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has won the prestigious Automotive Technology Innovation Award 2018, which was presented at the International Automotive Congress in Shanghai at the end of last year. The jury commended the outstanding innovative potential of Freudenberg’s micronAir fuel cell filter type N. The filter is incorporated into the power system of fuel cell vehicles, which are widely regarded as a promising drive technology, especially when it comes to covering long distances.

According to Sales Director Tim Wei, who accepted the award on behalf of Freudenberg’s China Automotive Filtration Division, “Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will play a vital role in the near future. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has focused on developing automotive filtration solutions for more than 30 years, and we are delighted that our fuel cell filter has been honored by the review committee. New mobility is a major mile stone in the further development of transportation. We believe that fuel cells have great advantages. Protecting the power source is important to gain acceptance for this technology in the market.”

Promising technology

It is undisputed that there will be a fundamental shift in driving technologies toward sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in the coming years. There will not be a single drive concept that meets all individual needs. Among the various technologies, fuel cell drives are expected to play an important role, since their impressive range makes them suitable for long distances, e.g. in rural areas. However, they are sensitive to salts, nitrous oxides and compounds with sulfur or ammonia. Which is why Freudenberg developed micronAir fuel cell filters to prevent these particles and gases entering the drive via intake air.

Benefits customers and the environment

By selecting Freudenberg Filtration Technologies for the Automotive Technology Innovation Award 2018, the jury acknowledged the huge potential of the micronAir fuel cell filter type N to become a vital part of future automotive technologies. The filter significantly improves ammonia protection, the capacity to absorb hazardous gases, and particulate filtration efficiency. Customers will benefit from its long lifespan, and its effective fuel cell protection, which translates into reduced ownership costs.

The Automotive Technology Innovation Award was presented as part of the International Automotive Technology Congress in Shanghai, China. The 11th congress was organized by Vogel Automotive Media group, the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) at RWTH Aachen University, China National Machinery Industry and Messe Frankfurt. When selecting the prizewinners, the jury focused on the industry’s need for future transport solutions and recognized projects with innovative potential, as well as outstanding achievements

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