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Automotive Report 2020 – A detailed report on past data to be prepared for the future

TecAlliance is continuously striving to increase the value of its products and services. Its Vehicles in Operation (VIO) and OE services have become famous sources of information in the automotive aftermarket ever since they were first introduced in 1991. The latest edition, Automotive Report 2020, provides greater market insights than ever before in a completely new visual aesthetic to ensure long-term success.


Automotive Report 2020 – detailed data analysis in a new visual aesthetic


The Automotive Report is derived from the Global Registration Vehicles in Operation (VIO) to paint a global picture of the current market situation. The global TecAlliance team operates from its Maastricht (The Netherlands) office with limitless enthusiasm: data experts, data analysts, data-staging engineers, developers and data scientists, all with years of experience in their particular fields. In addition, local colleagues with extensive knowledge of the vehicles in their home markets have provided their full support over the years.


For this year’s report, advanced machine learning algorithms are the most important tools in the process of generating the VIO data. Bulk data obtained from global sources is fed into an artificial intelligence (A.I.) tool that automatically links the original raw data to the various vehicle tables with great precision. The first results have revealed that the A.I. tool ensures the best possible mapping against the global vehicle table that is known in the market — this is how TecAlliance is shaping the future to serve customers’ needs. In addition, data transparency has reached a whole new level, providing insights into the challenges faced by TecAlliance and how it is dealing with them. For instance, as of this writing, TecAlliance is preparing a source quality document which will tell its customers exactly which data fields TecAlliance is obtaining from each of its sources.


Stay Tuned: The Automotive Report 2020 is coming soon.


About TecAlliance


For more than 25 years, TecAlliance has been one of the world’s leading data specialists for networked collaboration in the digital automotive aftermarket. In addition to up-to-date vehicle and spare-parts data based on the TecDoc standard, the TecAlliance portfolio includes comprehensive repair and maintenance information, as well as integrated solutions and consulting services for digital order handling, fleet management, market analysis and data analysis for the automotive and other aftermarket industries. The TecDoc Catalogue is one of the world’s leading and most comprehensive automotive aftermarket catalogs. Today, around 600 qualified TecAlliance employees from 26 nations are working around the world, using their profound technical and business knowledge of the automotive aftermarket and collaborating with local resources for the best information to make data and processes more efficient and effective. Given TecAlliance’s global footprint, it can serve the needs of unique local markets with product solutions able to accommodate the requirements of local product users, including multiple data standards and applications. TecAlliance – the international driving force for standardized data, digital processes and integrated solutions in the automotive aftermarket.


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