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GAM announces the release of the new GSL series of strain wave gearboxes. The new gearboxes provide zero-backlash and high torque in a small gearbox for robotic and motion control applications.


The GSL gearbox uses harmonic gearing for a very compact design that easily integrates into applications requiring high ratios and high precision in a small form factor. The GSL series is available in frame sizes 14 to 40 and reduction ratios 50:1 to 160:1.


“GAM has always been known for our breadth of products,” said Craig Van den Avont, President GAM, “and with the introduction of the GSL strain wave gearbox, we bring that breadth of product to our zero-backlash gearbox offering including our GCL series cycloidal gearbox and our revolutionary GPL zero-backlash planetary gearbox.”


Options for the GSL series include the “hat” and “cup” type with keyed bore, hollow, or shaft inputs. The GSL is also offered in basic component form for fully integrating into applications. The GSL series can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as robot joints, autonomous remote vehicles, antenna positions, or any other applications requiring zero-backlash and high torque in a small gearbox.


More information about the GSL Robotic Gearboxes can be found at


About GAM

GAM, a U.S. company, is your complete source for robotic and servo gear reducers, rack & pinion systems, servo couplings, linear mounting kits, and other precision mechanical drive solutions used in automation technology. With one of the largest product offerings in the motion control industry as well as the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to develop customized solutions, GAM can help with your applications. U.S. manufacturing, being flexible to meet the needs of customer requests, and great service are what set us apart from the rest. GAM Can.


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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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