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Hyundai-Kia Motors Corporation Selects Nebbiolo Technologies’ Platform for Industrial Digitization and Insights into Their Automotive Manufacturing Plants Worldwide

Hyundai-Kia Motors Corporation (HKMC) selects Nebbiolo Technologies’ Intelligent Edge Computing Platform for Industrial Digitization and Insights into their Automotive Manufacturing Plants. As strategic partners, the two companies, in collaboration with SPK, a Korean systems integrator, will develop and integrate edge-based solutions for manufacturing floors.


The partnership establishes a large-scale initiative to address uplifting the aging fleet of hardware and software systems, currently deployed on automotive manufacturing floors, onto virtualized edge computing products enabling consolidation, centralized management, upgraded security and high availability, thereby improving overall operational efficiency.


Furthermore, this collaboration aims at deploying secure data connectivity to industrial machines supported by the Nebbiolo edge infrastructure on the floor. The objective is to enable comprehensive asset and life cycle management of these systems, as well as in-line predictive product quality control supported by advanced data analytics and machine learning at the edge.


This announcement is a significant endorsement for a movement towards the modernization of automotive plants based on the progressive adoption of distributed and virtualized computing, featuring advanced data management capabilities and the implementation of cloud inspired software management models at the edge.


Nebbiolo’s hardware agnostic, edge computing platform, based on fogNodes™ distributed on the Industrial Floor, powered by the highly functional fogOS™ stack, centrally managed by the fogSM™ system manager deployed on-premises or in the Cloud, addresses many of the current Industrial Automation challenges. It virtualizes and converges hardware and software components; and, it provides centralized software lifecycle management for distributed applications. It supports modern software defined networking, distributed security, software SDK/APIs, IT-like data management, and opens the path to the future of Industrial Control. It enables the deployment of centrally orchestrated and distributed data connectivity, data management and advanced AI/ML based analytics capabilities across the Industrial Floor.


An edge-based architecture makes it possible to implement a modern industrial infrastructure progressively, with minimal disruption, and as a beneficial complement to today’s deployed systems.


Nebbiolo has received numerous awards and recognition for its technology. Recognition includes Gartner’s 2017 Cool Vendor in IoT Edge Computing and winning first place at the Fog Tank Competition during the 2018 Fog World Congress, as well as Frost & Sullivan 2019 Value Leadership Award.


“HKMC chose Nebbiolo’s Fog/Edge Computing platform because it provides diverse Industrial IoT solutions for a variety of plant and R&D environments, and an efficient global administration infrastructure, said Jung-Sik Suh, Senior Vice President, ICT Division, HKMC. HKMC also valued that the Nebbiolo solution provides Virtualized PLC data collection on the shop floor, the ability to collect and analyze various data on production line in real time to improve efficiency and controls for administering worldwide factory data on the hybrid cloud.”


“We are pleased to have Hyundai-Kia Motors Corporation as an early proponent of new edge architectures for Automotive Manufacturing and as a strategic partner for our Industrial IoT fog infrastructure.,” said Nebbiolo CEO Chandra Joshi. We are very happy to partner with SPK, whose strategy is to deliver innovative technology paired with outstanding customer support and systems integration. This is very important for our customers and allows us to accelerate the development and deployment of hyper-converged infrastructure for Industrial IoT edge applications in Korea. Hyper-convergence of compute, storage, security, machine learning, and fieldbuses is essential to achieve the desired customer outcomes with deep integration of OT and IT. We look forward to working closely with Hyundai-Kia Motors Corporation and SPK as we expand our presence in Korea and throughout the world to drive the Industrial future.”

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Fri. July 12th, 2024

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