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Semcon in new autonomous vehicle project in the Port of Gävle

This autumn, Semcon will be conducting a new feasibility study for Yilport to investigate how transport flows in the Port of Gävle can be made more efficient. Autonomous vehicles enable logistics processes to be automated, which reduces costs while also improving safety and quality.


Gävle is one of Sweden’s largest ports. Huge quantities of goods are transported to and from the port every day, and Yilport is in charge of operations. Because ports, like mines and production facilities, are enclosed areas, they are ideal environments for automated solutions.


“We have been commissioned to map and analyse the benefits and values autonomous solutions could provide to Yilport for a specific logistics process. The feasibility study will focus on a single process, but the vision is to build a fully autonomous logistics production solution for Yilport, which is very exciting. Autonomous solutions not only optimise operational costs – they also contribute to improved safety, quality and traceability,” says David Darwall, Global Business Manager Applied Autonomy at Semcon.


Cutting-edge expertise as turnkey supplier The logistics process that will initially be investigated is the transport of containers by truck from container warehouses to the docks, where they are then lifted by crane onto ships. In the project, Semcon will map all parts of the process, costs, needs and challenges in order to understand the process in depth. A requirements specification, concept solution and business case will then be delivered to Yilport.


“Semcon has unique cutting-edge expertise as a full-service provider of autonomous solutions. We cover everything from design and development to implementation in a wide range of applications and in many different industries, whatever the vehicle type or manufacturer,” says David Darwall.


Platform for autonomous operations

To assist in the project, Semcon is calling on its close partnership with Yeti Move, which is providing a platform for controlling and monitoring autonomous operations. Yeti Move is a software provider and is jointly owned by Semcon, Øveraasen and Husqvarna.


Yilport is responsible for the operation of 22 ports across the globe that use the same process for moving containers, which means that there are substantial financial benefits to be gained by finding a solution that can be applied to all their production worldwide.


“For Yilport, it’s important to always be at the forefront of technological advances so that we can offer our customers effective solutions and in Semcon, we have found a partner we truly believe in. Automation in ports is common, but no one has really come up with a solution to get it to work in conjunction with other traffic, and in this Semcon is at the cutting edge,” says Håkan Bergström, Sales Director Yilport Nordic, “



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Thu. October 22nd, 2020

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