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SAKAEM Logistics transforms into a modern digital auto transportation provider

Identifying the needs of the contemporary auto-transport customers, SAKAEM Logistics has undergone a digital transformation. The customers can now more conveniently utilize SAKAEM’s car shipping services due to this digital conversion with the help of latest technology. SAKAEM is now better equipped to serve the customers with their wide range of vehicle transportation services, from door-to-door car shipping for individuals to relocating fleets for rental agencies, corporate houses, dealerships, and auctions. This also includes exclusive specialty services for military moves, online car buyers, snowbirds, and international vehicle transportation from Canada to the U.S. SAKAEM has also launched a new Carrier Registration portal for streamlining the registration process and expanding the network of Carrier Partners.


“We began investing in our Digital Transformation project to enhance the Customer Journey in our existing B2B spaces. As we began scoping the effort, we quickly identified targets in the B2C digital market space we could capture. We also wanted to make it easier to attract, reward and retain our incredible Carrier Partners who keep us moving 24/7 and mission critical to a positive Customer Journey.” – Dan Marx, CFO


Being a leading auto transportation company in the US with decades of experience, SAKAEM’s digitization efforts reiterate the company’s mission, vision, and values of providing the best auto-transport experience for the customers. This conversion would be fundamental in achieving SAKAEM’s goals of expanding their services, especially POV (Privately Owned Vehicle) shipping by the increased capacity of serving more individuals with the help of the innovative technology. The redesigned website is easy to navigate and is intended to address and resolve customers’ queries and concerns. It explicitly showcases the auto-shipping services being offered by SAKAEM for Individuals and Rental Car Agencies. New sections like FAQs, specialty moves, exclusive discounts and methods of vehicle shipping, would help customers make informed decisions in meeting their auto-transport needs.


This renewed digital endeavor would simplify the specialty POV relocation process for Individuals such as military moves, snowbirds, or online car buyers. Customers can now get the benefit of modern tools while trying to get a quick quote for shipping their vehicles. The time-consuming process of waiting to receive a quote from the agents has been replaced by the “Get Instant Quote ” section where customers can fill up a few details like pick-up and delivery location, dates and number of vehicles and the quote generator would produce the quote instantly for free. Companies needing auto-transportation services for corporate moves or rental car moves can also be benefitted by this update. Moreover, the customers can get a better understanding of pricing with the information on the factors that influence any car shipping quote available on the website. There would be no upfront payment required and customers can also get their quote via email or by calling SAKAEM directly. The company strives for continued growth by offering cost-effective auto shipping prices as per industry standards.


“We realized customers were looking for a more seamless and secure alternative to ship their POV’s. By creating a digital process, we have taken the mystery out of shipping your personal vehicle. This has become a win-win for both Sakaem and most importantly the customers.” – Pete Bottino, President


SAKAEM as a part of this undertaking is reaffirming their commitment to their current and future Carrier Partners by providing a new portal for Carrier Registration and uploading documents easily for car shipments. The portal intends to make the registration process more convenient for Carrier Partners, which would be vital in expanding SAKAEM’s network and services throughout the USA and Canada. By partnering with fully vetted and insured carriers the company emphasizes on safe vehicle transportation which is key to customer’s peace of mind.


While the intention for these modifications using new technology is to automate certain steps and accelerate the overall process of vehicle shipping, SAKAEM is still dedicated to providing customers with personalized services for their unique auto-transportation needs with the help of highly experienced staff. These personalized services range from door-to-door relocation for Individuals to relocating large rental car fleets for Rental Car Agencies. The experts would take into consideration special requests from the customers such as expedited car shipping, top-loading, enclosed auto shipping, high volume shipments and provide them with best tailored solutions and customized quotes for their vehicle shipping needs. In addition to these, digitalization would allow the experts to focus more on customer service aspects and provide seamless communication and keep the customers well informed about updates regarding the shipment via the single point of contact service provided by SAKAEM.


“With the ongoing implementation of our B2C technology update, we will be able to provide a more streamlined experience for our POV customers. While developing the ability to create a personalized customer journey, our POV customers will now be able to access quotes, orders, and updates from any device. We strive to save our customers time and money by providing solutions for them in the B2C space.” – Mike McBride, General Manager


The digital renovation is a potent example of SAKAEM’s customer centric approach and flexibility with customers’ requirements while adhering to their vision of elevating the standards of shipment with innovations.


Visit our newly redesigned website or reach out to our team of professionals to know more about SAKAEM’s innovative digital endeavors to serve our customers better with their unique auto transportation needs.


SAKAEM Logistics is a reputed auto transportation company with decades of experience in the car hauling industry. By leveraging experience, advanced technology, professional staff, and a wide network of insured partner carriers, SAKAEM provides the best customer experience with a wide range of auto shipping services for POVs, corporate houses, rental agencies, dealerships, and auctions.

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Wed. February 8th, 2023

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