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NFT Marketplace Partnership – Automotive Industries

Automotive Industries will sell exclusive NFTs of their rare Auto magazine
editions and mint exclusive NFTs of new releases. Automotive Industries is
the oldest automotive magazine in the world – more than 125 years in
business. Automotive Industries creates, publishes, and curates content for
the automotive industry. They’ve forged an impressive reputation for
themselves as a trusted voice for developments in the competitive space.

The exclusive partnership continues the exploding trend of established
companies with significant brand equity capitalizing on exposure to crypto
assets, DeFi, and innovation within the tech and financial industry.
Sportcash One continues to provide technological solutions at the
convergence of tech, sport, and finance.

Additionally, Sportcash One continues its relationship with the Hype
Accelerator via acceptance into their NFT vertical with exposure to more
than 80 internationally leading brands, clubs, and federations the world
over. The NFT marketplace allows athletes, clubs, brands, federations, and
sporting entities the capacity to mint, sell, and share NFTs
direct-to-consumers via the Waves blockchain with fast, cheap, and secure
transactions. The disruptive power of NFTs revolutionizes established
business practices and gives creators increasingly more control over their
content and ways to monetize their creative output. Sportcash One is
committed to helping the sports world monetize their deep sporting passions
via our easy to use blockchain and crypto solutions. The NFT Marketplace
will officially be released via our test net in Q3 with our finalized main
net in Q4. The marketplace is built for continuous iteration as the industry
continues to add new features, capabilities, and use cases for our customers
within the NFT ecosystem.

The SCOneX token is the native token of the Sportcash One ecosystem. SCOneX
is a utility token earned via users of our social network for engagement and
activity, for payments via our multi-vendor shop, and held as a long-term
investment for investors exploiting an appreciating asset class. Our SCOneX
token is routinely burned to provide value for long-term holders.

Learn More about Sportcash One and the SCOneX Token Below:

Sportcash One:
SCOneX Token:

Mon. October 18th, 2021

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