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Rare NFT Collectibles – The World’s Biggest Automotive Magazine Archive – Coming Soon

It’s an unlikely partnership – the oldest automotive magazine in the world and a disruptor in the blockchain and crypto solutions ecosystem. But this is exactly what is happening with 126-year old Automotive Industries and Sportcash One which has been tasked with helping the grand old magazine monetize its extensive library by going direct to consumer with NFTs.

Automotive Industries creates, publishes, and curates content for the automotive industry. They’ve forged an impressive reputation for themselves as a trusted voice for developments in the competitive space. It has already made a major push in expanding its digital media footprint and now, with NFTs – short for non-fungible tokens – Automotive Industries will be able to share their content with their customers and reward them with ownership models which monetize the entire community and ecosystem. Automotive Industries will sell exclusive NFTs of their rare auto magazine editions and mint exclusive NFTs of new releases

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NFTS are programmable unique cryptographic tokens and digital contracts that represent uniqueness and authenticity, as opposed to other cryptocurrencies which are fungible. “Automotive Industries is becoming an industry leader by going direct to consumer via their digital media and NFTs. As a result, Automotive Industries is developing new revenue streams of previously physical content, and taking advantage of Web3 technologies and the monetizing, and creative possibilities it affords. Additionally, Web3 solutions such as NFTs allow Automotive Industries the capacity to share their content with their customers and reward them with ownership models which monetize the entire community and ecosystem. Sportcash One is proud to be the tech solution catapulting Automotive Industries into the new tech age. We believe NFTs are going to continue to revolutionize the media content world, and we’re the tech solution to make it happen. developing a brand specific tokenized product for the grand old publication,” said a statement from Sportcash One.

Automotive Industries’ history, is the history of the auto sector. Founded in November 1895, it was initially called The Horseless Age. It was the first magazine to cover the world’s transition from horse-drawn conveyances to those powered by the internal combustion engine. In July 1909, in an era when gasoline, steam and electricity all vied for pre-eminence, the magazine changed its name to The Automobile. Its present avatar, Automotive Industries, was created in November 1917. The magazine was briefly called Automotive and Aviation Industries during World War II. This was because during the war, the magazine had expanded its coverage of technologies and production methods to include the aircraft industry, in which many automakers participated.

“If you go back and look at The Horseless Age, it’s sort of like the Byte Magazine of the PC industry, very hardcore, covers all the models in-depth, explains what’s going on inside……definitely part of getting things going,” said Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft.

With the Automotive Industries NFTs, customers can buy a piece of the history of the grand old magazine, and its priceless library that has titles dating from the 19th century as well as getting access to future, exclusive titles. With Sportcash One, the NFTs will be protected by its expertise in blockchain technology. Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. Sportscash One uses the Waves platform – this allows its users to build applications, create and distribute new cryptocurrencies. Waves was founded by the physicist Alexander Ivanov in 2016. Today, Waves is believed to be one of the fastest blockchains and continues to serve as a transparent, fully decentralized and auditable platform for value transfer. The Waves platform heavily relies on fiat gateways administered by independent operators. These operators enable users to exchange fiat currencies for digital coins. However, the coins here are different from traditional cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Fiat currencies like USD or EURO are converted to fiat tokens (wUSD or wEUR) and can now be transferred through blockchain. Anyone can run the Waves node software to work with and check the Waves blockchain for correctness.

Sportcash One’s NFTs are powered by its Sportcash One Token (SconeX). The Switzerland-headquartered company, says that its ecosystem boasts a NFT marketplace, social sponsorship network, a digital wallet, tokenization-as-a-service (TAAS), NFT-based primitive for trading sporting assets, and a multi-vendor shop where brands, shops, customers, and athletes participate together in its vertically integrated ecosystem optimized for engagement and shared ownership.

“Sportcash One offers a crypto native solution for sport’s merchants and ordinary consumers by building a comprehensive utility, charity, loyalty and rewards platform for the sports industry. We provide utility, sponsorships, loyalty, donations, and monetized social capital for athletes, stakeholders, and all members of the sports business ecosystem. Our ecosystem will have full payment and donation integration via our Sportcash One Token (SconeX). Our ecosystem has multiple platforms leveraging emerging technologies (social platforms, NFT marketplace, digital wallets, Dapps, mobile apps, and more),” says the company.

Sportcash One is registered in Switzerland as Sportcash One AG – the registration was completed in December 2021.The company chose Switzerland and the Crypto Valley as its headquarters to encourage investment and as a stable solution for crypto compliance in the immediate and long-term future. The company says that the Crypto Valley and Swiss Government have a clear vision and strategy for the regulation and operation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies which makes Sportcash One especially bullish on our capacity to provide access to its global clients from a safe, secure, and legally compliant jurisdiction.

Automotive Industries is excited to announce we are in partnership with Pete Boswell, founder of  The Motoring Archive to sell exclusive NFTs of their rare auto magazine editions and mint exclusive NFTs of new releases. The Motoring Archive host digital collections from Autocar, Classic & Sports Car, What Car?, Automotive Industries, Motor Magazine & Autosport


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