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13 Must-Haves That Can Make Driving Safer


Safety doesn’t only depend on your driving skills. Modern inventions can decrease your risk of accidents and greatly help in emergencies. As technology evolves, drivers increasingly rely on smart gadgets to boost comfort and safety. Moreover, other items are also beneficial in unexpected situations, although not technological. Whether a pro or a beginner driver, you will find these vehicle must-haves useful for improving your safety behind the wheel.


Dash cam

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A dash cam is a video device you can install on your vehicle’s dashboard, allowing you to record live footage as you drive. This gadget offers great functionality for capturing potential accidents; it can also increase your visibility on the road and simplify packing in tight spaces. Most dash cams are affordable and easy to mount, so get one on a budget and increase your driving safety.


Blind-spot detection systems


You can mount blind-spot detectors around the perimeter of your car to keep track of objects beyond your normal field of view. These systems can alert you when they sense danger, which means you can reduce collisions by avoiding the guesswork of changing lanes. The latest cars may come with pre-installed blind-spot detection systems, but if yours lacks this tech feature, you can easily install one for a relatively low price.  If you want to benefit yourself even more, it’s worth taking out life or health insurance in case you do get into an accident. Check out these Primerica reviews if you want to know more.


Magnetic phone holders


Are you a driver who can’t do away with your smartphone while cruising? Acquiring a magnetic phone holder may be a significant investment to avoid distraction. You risk veering off from your lane if you constantly have to answer the phone in the middle of the road. Magnetic phone holders allow you to drive hands-free, preventing distractions, accidents, injuries, and death.


Wireless phone charger


A dead phone battery can cause inconvenience for drivers. Investing in a wireless charger will allow you to safely recharge your smartphone in your car since you can avoid tampering with cables while driving.


Ignition interlock devices (IIDs)


An IID portable breathalyzer measures a driver’s alcohol limit. It’s designed to stop your car from starting when your blood alcohol level is too high. Ignition interlock devices discourage drivers from drink-driving, a common cause of road accidents. Evidence from one study suggests that IIDs can help reduce driving under the influence (DUI) deaths by up to 15%.


Head-up display speedometer

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A head-up display speedometer works fine with all car types, and it could be a must-have tool to keep you safe on the road. Rather than watching your car’s spread-out display on the dashboard, a head-up speedometer displays your speed, direction, distance covered, and other metrics at the eye level right on top of your dash. Head-up displays are also called HUDs; they are fast becoming a standard in modern cars. 


EMF protection tools


Electromagnetic radiation bombards you everywhere you go, partly because of advances in smart technology. The risks of exposure to EM radiation are ever-present whether you are driving, sleeping, or making a simple phone call. You may not realize it, but cars produce some radiation levels, which can come from the electrical units, wireless technologies, and sun rays penetrating your windows. The good news is you can neutralize the harmful effects of EM radiation with EMF protection tools. They may come in clothing, bracelets, and necklaces. There is effective shielding technology for specific products like your cellphone, which you can get from brands like EMF Protection Pros


The best anti-radiation protectors for cell phones can block up to 99% of wireless radiation and 5G without hurting your connectivity. If your car has in-built navigation and infotainment systems, you should find ways to utilize these gadgets without increasing radiation exposure. You may also want to use sun protection tools since solar radiation is a significant risk in cars. Concerns keep growing that exposure to electromagnetic fields may harm human health, so try to reduce the frequency with which you use your electronic devices.


Portable car battery boost


Dealing with a dead car battery is often stressful, especially when unprepared to face the circumstance. In most cases, you will find it inconvenient to call a random stranger to give you a boost – which can be risky at night when you are in a parking lot. It would help if you invested in a portable car battery boost to overcome the issue of dead batteries. This gadget can safely jump-start a 6-litre gasoline or 3-litre diesel car within seconds. 


Portable electric vehicle charger


The average EV car owner understands that range matters. If you are worried about your electric car battery failing to power you to your destination, consider adding a portable EV car charge to your trunk. This gadget is essential for drivers commuting to areas with fewer charging stations. With a portable charger, you will always have enough backup power to re-fuel your EV when it runs out of juice at the wrong hour. 


Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)


This is another crucial gadget for tech-savvy drivers. Installing a tire pressure monitor on your vehicle tires will help you determine when they drop below a safe level. Get this device and avoid experiencing flat tires or blowouts, a nightmare for driver safety.


Emergency escape tool


Emergency escape tools are simple, affordable, and useful. You can find these in packs containing seat belt cutters and car window hammers. A high-grade carbon steel hammer assists you in cracking the glass to escape from your car when trapped in an accident.


First-aid kit


Prioritizing essential first-aid kits is important for your safety. Consider shopping for waterproof, FDA-certified medical kits to protect your health on the road. First-aid kits may contain bandages, sting relief pads, emergency blankets, and flashlights.


Car air purifier

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Car air purifiers are great gadgets for improving air quality in your vehicle. Investing in one may be a great idea, considering the many pollutants you encounter along the road. A small air purifier can run on your car’s 12 V outlet, helping remove dust, pollen allergens, smoke, and other pollutants. When your car’s interior air quality is good, it will reduce sneezing (a bad driving habit).

When it comes to making driving safer, especially for those using a delivery vehicle, certain must-haves are essential. Delivery and casual drivers alike should ensure their vehicles are equipped with advanced safety features such as backup cameras, blind-spot monitors, and GPS tracking systems to navigate efficiently and reduce the risk of accidents

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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