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Revolutionizing Autonomous Mobility with Innoviz’s Lidar Technology

In the fast-paced world of autonomous vehicles, innovation is key to staying ahead of the competition.
At the forefront of this technological revolution is Assaf Shabat, a visionary product manager at Innoviz
Technologies, who is leading the development of cutting-edge LiDAR solutions for passenger vehicle
robotaxi and autonomous delivery vehicle applications. With his expertise and determination, Shabat is spearheading Innoviz’s revolutionary work with LOXO, a leading autonomous vehicle provider, to shape the future of transportation.

Assaf Shabat, Product Manager at Innoviz Technologies

Innoviz Technologies – Pioneers of LiDAR Innovation:

Innoviz Technologies is a trailblazing company that focuses on developing state-of-the-art LiDAR
solutions. LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a technology that uses lasers to
measure distances and create detailed and accurate 3D maps of the surrounding environment. This
crucial data enables autonomous vehicles to navigate safely and efficiently, identifying obstacles,
pedestrians, and other vehicles in real-time.

The company was founded in 2016 by a group of experts from the most elite intelligence unit in the
Israeli army (IDF). Innoviz quickly gained recognition for its innovative LiDAR technology, which provided exceptional performance at a competitive price point. Since joining the company, Assaf Shabat has brought a wealth of experience in product management and a passion for shaping the future of mobility.

Assaf Shabat’s Journey to Innoviz:

Assaf Shabat’s journey in the mobility industry was marked by determination and an unwavering
commitment to innovation. He holds a masters degree in business administration and a first degree in computer science, and his academic background has played a crucial role in his ability to grasp complex technological concepts and apply them practically.

Before joining Innoviz, Shabat gained valuable experience working for various high-tech companies,
where he honed his skills in product development and management. His passion for pushing the
boundaries of technology and creating solutions that can impact society’s future eventually led him to

Innoviz Technologies.

Leading LiDAR development for Robotaxi and Autonomous Delivery Vehicle Applications:
As a product manager at Innoviz, Assaf Shabat has been instrumental in driving the development of
LiDAR solutions tailored specifically for robotaxi and autonomous delivery vehicle applications. These
sectors demand reliable, high-performance solutions that can handle the rigorous demands of
continuous, real-world operation.

Under Shabat’s guidance, Innoviz has focused on refining its LiDAR technology to meet the strict
requirements of commercial autonomous vehicles on top of its solutions for the automotive industry.

Their latest offerings boast an impressive range, high resolution, and the ability to operate effectively in
various weather and lighting conditions. This level of performance is essential to ensuring the safety and efficiency of autonomous fleets operating in dynamic urban environments. LOXO and Innoviz:

A Pioneering Partnership:

The recent partnership between Innoviz and LOXO marks a significant milestone in the advancement of autonomous mobility. LOXO is providing an intelligent fully automated goods transport system that
solves the increasing problems of the last-mile-delivery on the providers and customers side. The company’s technology is enhancing delivery efficiency, flexibility, safety and decreasing the carbon footprint for the benefit of all.

Assaf Shabat has been at the forefront of this partnership, facilitating communication, collaboration,
and alignment between the two companies. His in-depth understanding of both technology and
autonomous vehicle software has been pivotal in achieving integration success.

Together, Innoviz and LOXO are working on overcoming some of the most significant challenges faced by the autonomous vehicle industry. They are focused on enhancing perception capabilities, enabling
vehicles to make informed decisions in complex and dynamic environments.

The Future of Autonomous Mobility:

As autonomous vehicles inch closer to widespread adoption, the role of companies like Innoviz and
visionaries like Assaf Shabat becomes increasingly critical. Their commitment to innovation, safety, and reliability will shape the future of transportation, revolutionizing the way we move goods and people.


Assaf Shabat’s journey from a passionate engineer to a leading product manager at Innoviz Technologies is spearheading Innoviz’s LiDAR development for robotaxi and autonomous delivery vehicle applications.

The strategic partnership with LOXO has the potential to revolutionize the autonomous vehicle
commercial opportunities.

By paving the way for safer, more efficient commercial applications for LiDAR, Innoviz are ushering in a new era of mobility that will redefine how we navigate and interact with the world.

Automotive Industries (Ai) caught up with Innoviz and asked Assaf Shabat about Innoviz’s recent
announcement regarding their LiDAR sensors?

Shabat: Innoviz announced that they will expand their deployments of InnovizOne LiDAR sensors across LOXO’s fleet of zero-emission last-mile delivery vehicles through 2024.

Automotive Industries: What is the significance of this expansion of LiDAR sensors in LOXO’s vehicles?

Shabat: This expansion transforms the way goods are delivered to a customers doorstep, making it more efficient, affordable, safer, and sustainable.

Automotive Industries: Where are LOXO vehicles currently delivering goods, and are there any
expansion plans?

Shabat: LOXO vehicles are already delivering goods to customers in Switzerland, and there are plans to
expand their services further.

Automotive Industries: What does the partnership between Innoviz and LOXO signify for the
autonomous vehicle industry?

Shabat: The partnership proves that Innoviz LiDAR presents an automotive-grade autonomy solution not only for passenger vehicles (like BMW and VW) but also for commercial vehicles of all sizes, including trucks and LOXO’s delivery vehicles.

Automotive Industries: How does the integration of InnovizOne LiDAR sensors benefit LOXO’s last-mile delivery vehicles?

Shabat: The integration of InnovizOne LiDAR sensors enhances the autonomy and safety of LOXO’s last- mile delivery vehicles, enabling efficient and precise navigation in various urban environments.
Automotive Industries: What are the key advantages of LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicle

Shabat: LiDAR technology provides high-resolution 3D mapping and accurate object detection, which are essential for autonomous vehicles to perceive and navigate their surroundings effectively, especially in complex urban environments.

Automotive Industries: With the expansion of LiDAR sensors in last-mile delivery vehicles, how will
customer experience be improved?

Shabat: The expansion of LiDAR sensors will lead to improved efficient and accurate delivery resulting in faster and more reliable deliveries to the customers doorstep, at a significant – no-human -needed – cost reduction .

Automotive Industries: How does InnovizOne LiDAR contribute to the sustainability aspect of LOXO’s
zero-emission delivery vehicles?

Shabat: InnovizOne LiDAR enables precise and optimized route planning for LOXO’s delivery vehicles, reducing unnecessary mileage and energy consumption, thus supporting the overall sustainability goals.

Automotive Industries: How does Innoviz ensure that their LiDAR sensors meet automotive-grade
standards for passenger and commercial vehicles?

Shabat: Innoviz invests in rigorous testing and validation processes to ensure that their LiDAR sensors
meet the highest automotive-grade standards, making them suitable for use in passenger vehicles (such as BMW and VW) and commercial vehicles, including LOXO’s delivery vehicles.

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