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Can AI Help With Road Safety?

We are all wondering what is exactly going to happen with AI in our daily lives, and in every aspect and element of our lives. The truth is that it is hard to know, and there are certainly going to be a lot of unexpected things that we need to prepare for, as well as those that are not currently possible at all. One area where AI looks set to change things considerably is in the world of road safety, so let’s look at what we might expect to happen here in the near future.

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Crash Data Analysis


Some reports claim that road accident deaths could halve by 2030, thanks in large part to AI being used for the analysis of crash data. This data analysis can then be interpreted and used to educate and inform the public about better ways to approach driving and to approach the situation of being in an accident in order to reduce casualties and fatalities. It’s the kind of thing that might make a surprising difference, and AI is already being used in this way in many parts of the world to good effect.


Safer Vehicles


Of course, one of the main areas to look into here is how to make the actual vehicles safer in the first place. And it is hoped that AI might be helpful for that as well. Having a vehicle that has been designed and built in part by AI can mean that it is going to be a lot more likely to avoid accidents and the kinds of breakdowns that can occur on the roads. So it’s a major way in which incidents on our roads might well be decreased over time, and certainly something to look forward to.

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Automated Emergency Calling


Another possible application is in the calling of the emergency services and other numbers which might be helpful in the case of a road accident. This is something that is going to be very useful when it comes to making sure that everyone behaves in the best possible way for the sake of all during an incident. Whether you need to call a truck accident lawyer or your insurer, having AI to do it easily can really help, so this is a subtle way that it might make a huge difference too.


Improving Roads


The actual infrastructure of the roads might well be improved through the use of AI, as well. Again this may in part be due to making use of the available data and analyzing it properly, but it might also be to do with actually using AI in the building of roads. That might help to make those roads actually safer to drive on in the first instance, so that is something that we can definitely look forward to as well.


As you can see, there are numerous ways in which AI might help with road safety in the near future.

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Wed. September 20th, 2023

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