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Macnica Takes the Wheel for Automotive Industry’s Future at CES 2024

Macnica, a solutions architect that leverages exponential technology for social and business growth, returns to CES 2023 with AI and autonomous driving innovations to support the future of the automotive industry. Macnica’s in-booth demonstrations will focus on four key company and partner innovations that cover the modern research, design, experiential and green initiatives of automotive manufacturers.

Visitors to Booth N9417 in the Las Vegas Convention Center can see the following exhibits and technologies in action:

Automated Driving and Advanced Mobility:

Macnica’s Gama (Gaussin Macnica Mobility) initiative aims to shape the future of automated driving through autonomous, zero-emission mobility solutions. Gama’s autonomous driving mobility solutions today self-driving EV buses for public roads, and towing tractors for commercial businesses and government facilities. Representatives will detail how Gama’s driverless EV solutions will help shape the future of automated driving.

Research Software for Driver Experiences:

Macnica’s partnership with InnerEye will be front and center with Sense Plus, an advanced AI solution that deciphers human emotions and mental states within automotive contexts. Sense Plus visualizes data collected from the driver’s brain activity as precise numerical data in real time. Representatives will demonstrate how automotive engineers can monitor, predict and understand human responses (stress, concentration, drowsiness) as they craft futuristic applications for safer driver experiences.

Remote Monitoring and Control:

Macnica’s Everfleet solution will emphasize the need for reliable remote monitoring and control solutions that address the convergence of autonomous driving and social integration. Everfleet is an efficient fleet management system with a single interface that offers real-time oversight of vehicle positioning and conditions while enabling centralized management across various vehicle types and locations. Visitors to Macnica’s booth will have the opportunity to remotely control automotive equipment located in Macnica’s Yokohama, Japan technology center.

Remote Data Collection for Automotive Telemetry:

Intdash Automotive Pro is Macnica’s answer to comprehensive automotive telemetry, collecting, transmitting and measuring data from remote sources between sensors and other devices. The solution bundles services for specialized in-vehicle equipment, data acquisition interfaces, cloud systems, and intuitive data visualization and management applications – and importantly, supports the CAN and CAN-FD bus protocols that allows these systems to communicate without host computers

About Macnica

Macnica unites partner technologies and Macnica intelligence to develop leading-edge products from our suppliers into services and solutions for our customers that future-proof businesses today. With 85 bases across 23 countries, our global coverage gives us access to technologies as they emerge, across the industries that drive change. Visit the company’s website at

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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