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Pininfarina launches “Pininfarina Classiche”, the certification program for classic cars

Pininfarina unveils its new program aimed at certifying classic cars: Pininfarina Classiche. An initiative targeting car enthusiasts and brand collectors, it underscores the company’s commitment to preserving and promoting its rich historical automotive and industrial heritage.


Pininfarina Classiche certifies, through official declarations, classic cars (including so-called “youngtimers”) designed and produced in Pininfarina facilities over the years. The new service is made possible by a meticulous cataloguing process of the Pininfarina historical archive, which took approximately two years to inventory and classify materials. It also involves the introduction of specialized software for archive management, with the collaboration of the Historical Studies department at the University of Turin.


Manufacturing data for some of the most iconic cars designed and produced by Pininfarina, forming the basis of the declaration, primarily span four decades, from the late ’50s to the ’90s. Over 50 car models, associated with numerous world-renowned and prestigious automotive brands, have extensive historical-technical documentation. The archive includes production serial numbers for over 700,000 cars and more than 20,000 historically relevant documents, including sketches, shape plans, photographs, sheets, and technical correspondence.


With detailed information at their disposal, Pininfarina Classiche issues production specification declarations, associating comprehensive information with each vehicle’s chassis number, such as the destination market, model and type code, external color, interior finishes, Pininfarina factory exit date, as well as the vehicle’s engine and body number.


In the initial launch phase, available now, Pininfarina Classiche will provide declarations for select early cars, including the Alfa Romeo Spider (Duetto) from 1966 to 1993, the Fiat 124 Spider from 1966 to 1982, and the Pininfarina Spider Europa and Volumex from 1982 to 1985. Subsequently, the program will be expanded to numerous other brands and models.


To request declaration, interested parties can email After reviewing the vehicle’s data, Pininfarina will promptly communicate the availability of production specifications. For the above mentioned models, the declaration price varies based on the production year: €400.00 VAT included for cars produced before 1980 and €300.00 VAT included for those from 1980 onwards.


Additional information is available in the Pininfarina Classiche section of

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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