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Thank you Microsoft!

It’s sort of like the Byte Magazine of the PC industry…….covers all the models in-depth, explains what’s going on inside…….definitely part of getting things going.
Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

Looks good
Paul Burgum, Industry Manager – Manufacturing & Engineering, Microsoft

Look forward to setting up an interview with you
Peter Wengert, Global Director, Manufacturing Industry Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial Equipment, Microsoft


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"It`s VERY nice! Everything looks great"

Linda Ferries Senior Communications Manager Delphi Corp
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"It looks great - big compliment to you and your colleagues...and as soon as we have added the link on our website we will inform you. Thank you very much in advance for your effort"

Eva-Maria Tomic Marketing, Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH.
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"Thank you very much for your support - this looks great!"

Matthias Bartmann Communications Manager - Catalysts Europe, BASF - The Chemical Company.

"Thanks..Really nice job. Much appreciated"

Roger Ormisher, Sr. Director, Global Corporate Communications & PR, Fisker Automotive

"The article came out just as we had planned, and the ad placement was perfect. We’ve received the 200 custom copies, and are selectively distributing them now. Thanks again for your very professional support"

Jeffrey D. Orens, Vice President Business Development, Primet Precision Materials, Inc

"The magazines arrived safely, thank-you. Everyone is impressed with the article and advertisement"

Barry Nay, CMO, Wyless

What a brilliant article!!!

Rolf Wuhrl, President & CEO, AuDaCon AG
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"The custom magazine produced for our company has done an excellent job of helping us tell our story to prospective and current clients. The staff at Automotive Industries was responsive and professional throughout the writing, editing and publishing process"

Julie Fosgate, Senior Vice President, Marketing, CNAN National Warranty Corportion

AI’s Promise – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"The way Automotive Industries takes ideas from technical or management specialists and applies them to the automotive context is very informative and helpful"

Christoph Loch, Professor of Technology Management, INSEAD
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