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Automotive Industries (Ai) 

Celebrating 126 Year Publishing History

Better Cars – Better Trucks – Better Planet

Ai’s passion, to broadcast innovative technologies to automotive industry professionals worldwide


Industry OE Problem: Supplier recognition & high-value responses

Solution: Automotive Industries (Ai) high-value sponsorship and lead-generation programs



Today Car makers invest USD Trillions in manufacturing – automakers and their major systems suppliers are constantly looking for new suppliers, new innovations and cost savings opportunities in today’s market


Automotive Industries, first published as THE HORSELESS AGE in 1895, enjoys iconic status among the automotive design, engineering, and manufacturing world



The automotive industry invests trillions in manufacturing and supply chain solutions & innovation

The ONLY thing CONSTANT in the automotive industry is CHANGE – new innovation needs reporting on a daily basis, has 9,000+ innovation articles, posts 18,000+ LinkedIn posts per annum sharing these innovations, 6,000+ digital back issues


Global automotive manufacturing industry revenue

Source: Statista




Market size

Measured by revenue, the Global Car & Automobile Sales industry is $3.8tr in 2022

$3.8tr Global Car & Automobile Sales Market Size in 2022

5.3% Global Car & Automobile Sales Market Size Growth in 2022

Source: IBISWorld


Automotive Industries Media

Ai Digital copies (Cover Stories) with lead generation

Broadcast online & via SoMe, LI, TW & FB to 3m+ automotive industry professionals

Generate Leads – Average 300+ leads per Ai cover Story

Target 120 Cover Stories

Schedule Broadcast Daily, Weekly, Monthly on Linkedin 18,000 posts per annum



Automotive Industries Media Innovation

Ai high-value Print: On demand at events such as CES, SAE, IAA, Automechanika in EU, Asia, North America, includes custom cover, reprints for events, lobby or reception

Ai high-value Digital: Includes custom cover (blockchain minted NFT), unlimited lead generation and unlimited PR & Social Media broadcast to 3m+ automotive industry professionals. SoMe via LI, FB & TW

Ai high-value Metaverse – Augmented Reality via the Automotive Industries App: Professionals point their mobile device at your corporate logos, signs, buildings, products, landmarks to instantly engage videos, information, advertisements, 3D holograms and any interactive content all hosted in the cloud and managed using a menu-driven portal.





Automotive Industries Competition


Automotive News is a weekly print newspaper published by Crains


AutomobileWoch – is a German language weekly print newspaper


Wards Automotive is an American publisher covering the automotive industry




Why is Automotive Industries better?

Print, Digital & Metaverse

Print on demand for events, key clients & investors

Ai Digital copies with lead generation

Ai AR Metaverse – Download Automotive Industries App




Go-to Market Plan – Partners / Investors

Customer Acquisition – We are looking for a dynamic strategic investor/partner to skyrocket our sales and marketing with their SEO, CRM and e-commerce skills

Treasure: Ai’s digital catalogue, 1895 to present

6,000 collectible back issues, blockchain minted NFTs

(6000 Ai covers x $3 per NFT x 99 minted copies = $1.8m+ with royalties)

NFTs on course to hit $111 billion in marketplace volume in 2022




Ai Sales Team – 90+ years publishing experience

Jon Knox, Head of International Sales

Nick Palmen, Associate Publisher

Clinton Wright, Head of Business Development

Ai Team Professionals  “The pride of working with AI”


Investor Opportunity

Offer: 9% Stake $81k – Valuation $900k

Automotive Industries has 300+ active clients, 9900 prospects

  • Target 9,00 prospects, with 10% clients spending an average of $3,000 per annum = $2.700,000
  • 6000 Ai Cover NFTs sales @ $3 per NFT x 99 collectors = $91782,000
  • Operational Control to Major Share Holder
  • Subscription Model Option For Ai Online Readers


PDF Version Automotive Industries (Ai) Est. 1895 Pitch Deck Investors_2022_v9.9

Ai Key Numbers – Automotive Industries (Ai)_Some_Key_Information_&_Numbers_V3_1


John A Larkin, Publisher, Automotive Industries

Tel: +1 313 879 0887

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