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Elasis gears up powertrain development for Fiat

LMS enables accelerated NVH engineering based on an integrated simulation process

As part of the new way of working at the Fiat Group, LMS Engineering Services helped Elasis cut powertrain development time in half with a unified NVH simulation environment and technology transfer. One of the Fiat Group’s research and design centers, Elasis, based in Pomigliano dÌArco close to Naples, turned to LMS to overcome bottlenecks created by the previous fragmented system. The new integrated solution is based on LMS Virtual.Lab Motion multibody software seamlessly linked with LMS Virtual.Lab vibro-acoustic simulation software and LMS test technologies. Modeling and simulation that formerly took weeks can now be completed in just days , a valuable time-saver that contributes to Fiat’s new faster design and development cycles.

Fiat Auto is a dominant force in Italian car-making with the popular Fiat brand as well as high-end premium luxury brands including Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati. The largest automotive manufacturer in Italy and ranked fifth worldwide, Fiat has won the prestigious European Car of the Year award twelve times in the past 40 years , more than any other company.

Since Sergio Marchionne was named CEO of the Fiat Auto in 2004, the company has returned to profitability in what some analysts describe as possibly the automotive industry’s most dramatic turnaround. In 2006, revenues increased 35% to reach reached $31.3 billion. By 2010, plans are to nearly triple net profits with 23 new vehicle models and as many redesigns of current models.

In this respect, Fiat is doing more than climbing out of a financial hole, they are jumping out in full force at a time when many major players in the automotive industry are struggling.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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